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My Several Worlds

Canadian Carrie and her husband have been using Taiwan as their home base since 2006. Teaching English has taken this couple all over Asia and allowed them to explore some of the hidden beauty that this part of the world has to offer. Her blog posts cover everything from dealing with chronic illness abroad, to culture shock surprises, to personal self-realisations as an expat. She writes about her passions because ‘the only life worth living is the one that you are truly passionate about’.


Lao Ren Cha

American Jenna lives and works in Taipai with her husband Brendan and their cat Zhao Cai. Her blog has a focused section on advice and resources for female expats, since she found that information was hard to come by when she first arrived. Always honest and sincere about whatever she chooses to write about, this blogger is out to give you realistic expectations of Asia and expat life.


Andi On Adventure

Coffee-drinking American Andi has spent the last three years teaching English in Taiwan. Her blog offers tales of expat life with the aim of inspiring others to get out there and see the world first hand. Starting over aged 51, this adventurous woman stumbled on her new life in Taiwan after floating around Asia for a few months, and she hasn’t looked back since. This blog offers more than just a glimpse into one life; her series of inspiring interviews with other “Humans of the world” features a range of other expats and adventurers she has met in her lifetime.



Filipino Tel works as a manual writer in Taipai, her blog is where she gets to write for pleasure about anything she likes. With her camera in hand she captures her travels beautifully whilst also dishing out advice on how to get there and the best times of year to visit. Her expat stories have something for everyone, especially if you find yourself in a ‘hairy situation’ or staying longer in Taiwan than you ever expected.


Boy & Girl Globetrot

Working at an international school is what brought Americans Jacqueline and Sean to Taiwan in 2012. The blog acts as a creative outlet and the couple share their expat life, warts and all here. Naturally you will find a range of ‘teach abroad’ posts which deal with the real nitty gritty of life as an international teacher, from curriculum to wages; you’ll find it all here. Jacqueline writes with gratitude and sensitivity about the couple’s struggles and successes in expat life, and whilst it is ‘no fairy tale’ they’ve found that ‘life is life no matter where you live’.


Ink And Adventure

American Jamie and her husband moved to Taiwan in 2012 when he was offered a teaching job there. Her reflections on her expat life are bound to strike a chord with most expats and she shares her feelings unselfconsciously with her readers from day one. A lover of photography, her blog is filled with beautiful pictures of travels as well as the all-important family and food. Whether you are a visitor or expat, you will find this blog a useful and pleasurable read.


Nomad Notions

American Jenna and British Dominic are newlywed serial expats currently on their second stint in Taiwan. Teaching abroad features heavily on this blog, and you’ll find realistic advice on how you can do the same. If you need to get a driving licence, an apartment, or want to understand the power of ‘maybe’, then look no further than this blog, it is a great place to start.


Foreign Sanctuary

Canadian Constance has been blogging about her life Taiwan since 2013; being a new mum has not slowed her enthusiasm for getting out and exploring the country she now calls home. A positive attitude is what gets this family through the ups and downs of expat life and her foreign sanctuary is where she shares her photographs, reflections and adventures. Having experienced expat life for over a decade she has a viewpoint that is based on real-time change and experiences; her lessons have been learned and now her readers can benefit from her knowledge.


Veronika's Adventure

Veronika was born in the Czech Republic and writes about her travels around Taiwan and South-East Asia. The blog aims to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and travel the world - and to Taiwan in particular - so it’s perfect if the idea of expat life appeals, but you need the extra kick to get you started. Reading Veronika’s Adventure will make you want to pack up all your stuff, pick up a backpack and head into the unknown.


AK - The Next Chapter

A self-confessed travel addict, IT geek and foodie, Ann-Katrin was born in northern Europe and moved to Taiwan in 2013. The Next Chapter is a blog about all aspects of life in Taiwan, including travels to places of interest all around the country. If you’re interested in local cuisine, this is also a great blog to read for ideas of what to buy or make, from Taiwanese tea to pineapple cake.