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Jess On Thames

With 10 years served in Brussels - the political heart of the EU - before skipping 3 years ago across the pond to the chiming peals of Big Ben, Jess finds herself occasionally flipping through the language dictionary stored in her memory (American English, Belgian French, England English, French French and a touch uniquely Minnesotan) and sharing the world she loves through a lens. Along with two cats transported through several stringent country borders by car, she illustrates the ups and down of life as a long term globetrotting expat.


Posh, Broke & Bored

Striding through the streets of London in vibrant lippy and glorious shoes, Malaysian Jasminne has made her home in the mecca of the stiff upper lip. Sharing her vivid thoughts and insightful puns, her stories are studies in searing emotion, clever quips and adventures in expat luxury. An recent and evocative article to read is Jasminne's "My God, what have EU done?! 5 Thoughts on Brexit".


The Mayfairy

Mischief with a side of sarcastic realism are The Mayfairy's zeitgeist, sharing the thoughts of this blonde Kiwi bombshell. Full of humour, wicked graphics and a soupcon of sass, this antipodean export tells life how it is through the medium of blog (Note: her horoscopes are especially wonderful and irreverent.)


Lines Of Escape

South African native, mostly London dwelling Kasha is a globetrotting traveller with a wanderlust for the quirky side of the world. She explores new and unusual destinations around the world (including Hull) for a living and shares her thoughts as a cat-loving expat who has settled into a whole new culture (though one that thankfully stocks a bevy of her favourite Polish cuisine from childhood).


Estelle Van De Velde

Estelle shares her love of writing and musings on life a country or two away from her Belgian roots. With an entire category on her blog about the experiences she has had as an expat, her frequently updated thoughts on life in the UK are interesting to read, and well worth following especially for newly migrated expats.



With stunningly composed images and the sweetest smile, Jaime charts her adventures both in her beautiful new home and around the world. Hailing from America, her dreams were of an expat life in the UK, where she has settled into the publishing world, in amongst a few servings of peanut-butter and jelly French toast and a hobby collecting ornamental pineapples. She writes honestly of her expat experiences living so far from her original home and how that impacts her life in Great Britain.


Emm In London

Born in England, growing up in South Africa and living for a spate in Nigeria, Mandy shares many of the places and things make her smile, and musings as seen from her unique perspective. With her passions ranging from politics and street art, to architecture and an addiction to media, Mandy is a lady to explore the world alongside.


Rhyme And Ribbons

Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Amanda's sense of joy is infectious - not to mention her incredible images of mouthwatering recipes that will send anyone scuttling towards their kitchen. With posts full of advice (one especially helpful guide accompanying her recent visa application) this 'expat imposter' blog is full of inspiration, what life is really like on the other side of the Atlantic and the joy of making a London home with an English gent.


Candids By Jo

First the gorgeous images catch the eye, then her words draw readers into a languid, delicious train of thought. Jo calls herself a visual storyteller, sharing her experiences and loves as a Bostonian in the crazily wonderful city of London. With a wide range of topics from travel to delicious meals, her recent post with expat thoughts of the Brexit situation as Britain voted to leave the EU are especially poignant for new and old expats alike.


Adventures Of A London Kiwi

With an utterly inspired site header and a fun, easy to read writing style, Emma’s blog is a brilliant mixture of personal life updates, thoughts on the experience of being an expat, and updates on her exotic travels elsewhere. The ‘London Life’ section is broken down into places to visit, attractions to see and where to eat - required reading for anyone either visiting or moving to the city.

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