What I’ve Learned As An Expat

I’m not sure I expected to learn much, nor change much, when I came to live in the USA. I just wanted to have a new experience. Suffice to say that experience has definitely changed me and I have learned a great deal about others, cultures, myself and about life in general. These are my … Read more

The Kids In America

Sometimes I wonder how the expat life is being interpreted by, not only my son, but the British kids of families here in Maryland where we live. The journey for many of them is fleeting – those who are under six will have vague memories of it when they grow up, yet will be made … Read more

American Dream vs British Reality

When I studied for my degree in Literature and Film &TV I’m not ashamed to admit I was a bit obsessed with America and all that it had to offer on the other side of the pond. I chose to write about British and American TV shows in the 1980s for my dissertation and ended … Read more