The Perks Of Being A Native English Speaker In Germany

My first column here on Expat Focus was titled “The Perils of the Native English Speaker in Germany.” In that article, I complained about being a native English speaker in Germany. Well, I am back here to say that now, over one year after writing that article, I am beginning to see that being a … Read more

Deconstructing Denglisch

Most Germans begin learning English in school at just six years old. This means that by the time they reach their teenage years, many Germans are fluent. Add to this the popularity of American films and music throughout this country, and it is completely natural that Germans have begun to use so many English words … Read more

The Best American Foods You Won’t Find in Germany

It’s that time of year again. The time when little girls go door-to-door selling the most delicious cookies in the world. And while I am sitting over here in Germany, all I can think about is how amazing a Samoa (or Caramel deLites as they were called when I was a Girl Scout) would taste … Read more

Top 5 German Reality TV Shows

Since I need to pass a German fluency test in exactly one month, I am trying to go on an all-German diet. This includes only watching German movies and TV shows. While there are several popular action, drama, and comedy TV series in Germany, many of these are difficult for me to understand. I have … Read more

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Germany

For American expats, Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday. But just because nobody else stuffing their face with exorbitant amounts of food on the fourth Thursday of November, it doesn’t mean that you can’t. In Germany, there is actually a Thanksgiving-esque holiday known as Erntedankfest. This is a kind of harvest celebration that takes place … Read more