5 Useful Tips For Intercultural Couples Moving Abroad

When an intercultural couple moves abroad this can be an exciting time. This always true when we watch the 30 minute travel show about a couple who ditches their regular life with eyes set across the Atlantic. Is there anything negative that can happen when a loving couple moves abroad? In this post I will … Read more

The Challenges Of Living In Portugal

Emotions Of Living AbroadWhy is my life drastically different? When one moves from an area of comfort to one of moderation it can be daunting once the reality of such a move begins to settle in. I have experienced a range of emotions, experiences, and nice surprises. I will attempt to explain some of the … Read more

Portugal – The Land Of Discovery

Portugal is a unique place to live. It offers artistry, warmth and opportunity for new discovery. Finding a New Artistic Voice Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing with the Bandalhos band for a birthday bash of a dear friend. At the onset of joining this band I was a bit intimidated because rock music … Read more

Living Abroad – Take One Day At A Time

I feel like I have been on an extended vacation. It has been a month and a half since I have been in Lisbon, Portugal and my sense of visitation has evolved. I always knew that I wanted to live abroad. The idea of walking by the river and smelling pastries from the local bakery … Read more

The Move To Portugal

My husband and I looked at one another and knew the move was official. We loaded our last set of containers into the moving truck and realized that our move to Portugal was fast approaching. We had our going away parties, donated unwanted furniture and said goodbye. Fortunately, my husband has family in Portugal so … Read more