Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See On Social Media

I love social media. Technology is evolving so much and I love how we have platforms, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest to connect not only with family and friends, but with people that enjoy the same things that we do. There is no way that things will go back to where they were before, […]

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Girl Scouts Cookies: The Time Is Now

If you are moving to the US, at some point in the early part of the year you might get a knock on your door and a cute little uniformed girl will ask if you want to buy girl scout cookies. “But what are they?” One might ask? Well, you have to try to find […]

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Going From An Independent Expat To A Dependent Trailing Spouse

Trailing spouses… I am not sure who came up with this term, but I don’t like him or her already. Years ago it was “trailing wives”, but my 21st century brain won’t let me say those words out loud. It pains me to think of the term ‘trailing wife’ or spouse. Why, you might ask?Before […]

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