Making Friends – Expat Style

Having a few close friends is one of the key factors that determine how happy I am in my new host country. I have learned this after being an expat in S. Korea, Thailand now Germany. I’ve also learned that meeting new people is easy, but finding close friends? Not so easy, but possible with … Read more

Chasing Away the Winter Blues

I used to hate February. It’s cold, gray, and winter feels like it will never end. There’s also that awful holiday of Valentines Day plucked right in the middle that seems to make more people miserable than lovey-dovey regardless of their relationship status. Then I moved to Germany and February became one of my favorite … Read more

My Expat New Year’s Resolution

I’ve always been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They give you a chance to reflect on the past year and evaluate what is working well in your life and what areas could use a little improvement. This year I have just one New Year’s Resolution. It is a big one, but achieving it … Read more

Experience German Christmas Markets Like a Local

Christmas Markets in Germany are a huge hit with tourists and locals alike, but the tourist and the local experience can be quite different. Tourists tend to flock to the larger, well known Christmas Markets while locals prefer the smaller lesser-known ones. Last weekend I attended the Nuremberg Christmas Market, the largest one in Germany … Read more