The Algarve Is Buzzing But Are The Residents?

When buying a permanent residence in the Algarve, it may be an idea to consider the following points and minor irritations of living in a popular tourist destination during the high season. Taking a vacation for a few weeks a year is not the same as living in a tourist hotspot. For most people it … Read more

Grandma Lives In The Computer

When you move away from your family and friends to retire or work in another country your relocation plans were probably accompanied by a sense of adventure, and a desire to experience a new way of life. However, if your relocation to foreign shores was a result of a career opportunity and you are a … Read more

Beach Pilates In Portugal

There are many different exercise classes here in the Algarve including yoga, zumba, and aerobics, so whatever possessed me to join a pilates class? I asked myself as I lay on the beach, covered in sand and frizzling in the midday sun. My friend, who introduced me to the class, was an excellent sales person. … Read more

Social Integration

When you move to another country where English is not the first language or there are religious and cultural differences these may create barriers to full social integration. This does not apply to all expats, I hasten to add, however some people do struggle, and not always for want of trying. For example, a chance … Read more

How Will You Survive In Portugal Without English TV?

As the Mayan calendar finishes one of its great cycles the end of the world, as we know it, is nigh. According to Wikipedia “A New Age interpretation of this transition is that the date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and … Read more

“Framily” For Friends in Need

I’d never heard the term “Framily”, until recently when we encountered a problem and needed help. One morning our car without any pre warning refused to start. There was not even a gurgle or splutter from the starter motor, just a deathly silence. We looked at each other in disbelief then panic. What on earth … Read more

Some Like It Hot – But Not On Market Day In Portugal

Market day in Portugal is always an interesting and colourful experience. Regardless of whether a gypsy or flea market I’m always keen to find a bargain as I meander from stall to stall inspecting the merchandise. This week we ventured to a gypsy market as I needed to buy more lettuce and cucumber plugs (baby … Read more

Growing Fruit And Vegetables In My Urban Garden

Since retiring, one of the time-luxuries I now enjoy is indulging in my passion to grow my own fruit and vegetables. I’ll never be self-sufficient due to the limited space in my urban garden, but the rewards and sheer enjoyment of watching something grow then eating it far outweighs time and lack of return on … Read more

The Mosquito Olympics

The forthcoming Olympics in the UK made me wonder if there should be an event dedicated to the pursuit of mosquitoes. The physical dexterity required to hunt them down when they are after your blood rivals many of the traditional sports! How many times has the high pitch Zzzzzzz of a mosquito woken you from … Read more