Majestic Rio Celeste, Costa Rica’s Fairytale Land

Hiking through Costa Rica’s Tenorio Volcano National Park is like a scene from a Disney flick, seemingly unreal with each step. Complete with a magically glowing river and waterfall to reward your exertion. Just arriving to the park can be an adventure if you attempt it without a guide. There is access from both the … Read more

Reshaping A Canadian’s Life In Costa Rica

My path crossed with Corey’s when he contacted me about an author interview for my recent release, Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica. The more I found out about Corey Coates the more I wanted to hear his story, and so it goes… “I like the interaction between the brain and the machine, I’m an audio … Read more

A Day In The Life Of A Costa Rican Expat With Kayak Jaco

Every morning in Costa Rica is different and exciting. This morning I chose to spend it with Kayak Jaco and I’m happy for it, since it was the highlight of my month. Guides Wilbur and Jacob taught the group the basics of paddling, with Kayak Jaco’s homemade bamboo paddles, prior to pushing off for a … Read more

Fears And Solutions For Solitary Women Expat/Travelers

In my travels, I have come across single women around the world that express, “I’d like to travel, but I don’t have anyone to go with.” Having traveled alone, I asked what was stopping them. What I found was a mixture of fears and concerns. Blending in Amanda Heckart, from California, shared, “My biggest fear … Read more

Expat Traveler Survival Kit

Moving abroad is in and of itself a huge feat, loaded with adventures and trials around every bend. It takes a unique, flexible individual to make it work. Oftentimes, those individuals are avid travelers, but once settled down into a new culture they stop exploring. Over the last two years living in Costa Rica, my … Read more

Christmas Day As A Costa Rican Expat

My Christmas morning was not spent unwrapping gifts. Nor was there a traditional Christmas tree. I didn’t fight any holiday traffic, or wrap a single gift! There was no holiday stress, or rush. There was, however, abundant joy! It can be a bit difficult to get into the mood of the season without a chill … Read more

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