Majestic Rio Celeste, Costa Rica’s Fairytale Land

Hiking through Costa Rica’s Tenorio Volcano National Park is like a scene from a Disney flick, seemingly unreal with each step. Complete with a magically glowing river and waterfall to reward your exertion. Just arriving to the park can be an adventure if you attempt it without a guide. There is access from both the … Read more

Reshaping A Canadian’s Life In Costa Rica

My path crossed with Corey’s when he contacted me about an author interview for my recent release, Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica. The more I found out about Corey Coates the more I wanted to hear his story, and so it goes… “I like the interaction between the brain and the machine, I’m an audio … Read more

Fears And Solutions For Solitary Women Expat/Travelers

In my travels, I have come across single women around the world that express, “I’d like to travel, but I don’t have anyone to go with.” Having traveled alone, I asked what was stopping them. What I found was a mixture of fears and concerns. Blending in Amanda Heckart, from California, shared, “My biggest fear … Read more

Expat Traveler Survival Kit

Moving abroad is in and of itself a huge feat, loaded with adventures and trials around every bend. It takes a unique, flexible individual to make it work. Oftentimes, those individuals are avid travelers, but once settled down into a new culture they stop exploring. Over the last two years living in Costa Rica, my … Read more

Christmas Day As A Costa Rican Expat

My Christmas morning was not spent unwrapping gifts. Nor was there a traditional Christmas tree. I didn’t fight any holiday traffic, or wrap a single gift! There was no holiday stress, or rush. There was, however, abundant joy! It can be a bit difficult to get into the mood of the season without a chill … Read more