To What Degree Have You Become A Local?

After living in a foreign country for a number of years, many expats find that they have taken on a lot of local customs and habits—sometimes due to sincere efforts to integrate, sometimes despite themselves. Which is why it is always so fun for me to ask fellow longtime expats if they feel they have … Read more

Spending The Holidays In Spain

Many of you fellow expats are going back to your home country for the holidays. But those of you who are spending the holidays in your adopted country this year will be able to learn about and explore new traditions there. I have found that many of the Spanish traditions are quite similar to what … Read more

Summer Cuisine In Spain

Many of you expats must have favorite foods in your adopted country. I am lucky enough to be living in Spain, so I get to enjoy the Mediterranean diet every day. There are so many great dishes here in Spain that it is hard to narrow it down to just one favorite. However, I can … Read more

The Importance Of Learning The Local Language

Many of you expats will find yourself in the same situation that I am in: living in a country whose language is different from that of your home country. And many of you will be faced with the decision of whether to try to learn that language or not. In my opinion, and in my … Read more

Taking My Visitors Out To Eat In Madrid

Everyone knows that the best way to tour a place is to be taken around by locals, or at the very least, by long-term expats. That’s partly why we expats are so lucky to get lots of visits from friends and relatives. It’s loads of fun taking guests around, of course, but there’s also a … Read more