Canada – No Work Experience?

by Thelma O' Connor, President of Canada Wise This is a dilemma that many immigrants face when they arrive in Canada. New arrivals are eager and enthusiastic to join the Canadian work force and make a smooth transition to their new life. They suddenly find themselves faced with what seems like a no-win situation: no … Read more

Canada – Choosing Your Destination

by Thelma O' Connor, President of Canada Wise You’ve decided to move to Canada but before you go you must choose a destination in which to settle. Canada, with over 10 million square kilometers of territory, is the second largest country in the world, with many wonderful cities, towns and rural communities beckoning the newcomer. … Read more

Lyn Worrell, New Brunswick

My name is Lyn Worrell. My husband Richard had been married before when I met him in Saudi Arabia and we got married in Jeddah at the British Consulate. I “inherited” 2 daughters and now have 5 wonderful grandchildren, ages ranging from 9 years to 18 months. I moved to Canada in August 2004 and … Read more