Nancy Bach, Hong Kong

Who are you? I am Nancy Bach, a wife and mother of three. I’m a chemical engineer by training, with an MBA in economics and marketing. I worked for Eastman Kodak for 28 years, first in technical, operational, and supervisory roles in manufacturing, and then as a business manager with responsibilities for strategic planning and … Read more

Nicole Webb

Two years ago today, my life did what you might call a 180 degree turn! At 38 years old I went from being a News Reader with national 24 hour news channel Sky News Australia, where I’d worked happily (mostly) for the best part of a decade, to being an unemployed housewife, smack bang in … Read more

Jade, The New Territories

I’m Jade, a 30-year-old originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now living in the New Territories of Hong Kong. With my husband, 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, I live in a tiny village in the middle of a tropical rainforest with views of the South China Sea. Apart from the stench of drying fish (as seen … Read more

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