Hollie, Hong Kong

Who are you? My name is Hollie, and I am a Native English Teacher from the East Coast of Canada. I love books, writing, music, art and travel. I am a grown woman, yet I harbor an unhealthy obsession for Harry Potter. My husband and I are very proud of our East Coast Canadian roots. … Read more

Jennifer Brown, Hong Kong

Who are you? I’m an American ‘serial expat’ who loves people-watching, exploring historic places, and learning something new everyday. All past-times perfectly suited to expat life. We have lived in Mainland China, Holland (briefly), England and are now based in Hong Kong. I am a lawyer by training, but am currently taking time off from … Read more

Shannon Young, Hong Kong

Who are you? My name is Shannon Young. I’m an American writer and teacher currently living in Hong Kong. I love to read, write and spy on other people’s books on the train. My work has appeared on numerous expat websites, on an iPhone travel app, and in the Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society’s … Read more

The Amahs of Hong Kong

by Nancy Bach It’s Sunday. Who are the lovely dark-haired, round-faced ladies chattering away at the Star Ferry terminal, in Victoria Park, under the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank? They are women from the Philippines on their day off from duties as amahs, or “little mothers.” One of them could be your new spouse. Most Hong … Read more

Tom, Hong Kong

Who are you? Tom. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Hong Kong from Britain in 2005 on a post-graduate teaching programme and settled more permanently in 2007. I work in a primary school now and share my resources at www.tomstefl.com. How did you find somewhere to live? I was lucky … Read more

Doveen Schecter, Hong Kong

I came to Hong Kong just after the 1997 “Handover” of the British colony back to China. I had a little bit of savings in my pocket from my marketing job in Moscow with Deloitte. I was born in Hong Kong so I applied for permanent residency once I had tracked down my birth certificate. … Read more

Lincoln Taylor, Hong Kong

Who are you? I am part of the management team for a large US based chain of language schools. Recruiting, training, and managing teachers are my main responsibilities. My father worked for IBM, so the family moved around quite a bit. First, from London to upstate New York and finally ending up in Sydney. So, … Read more

Brittany Hite, Hong Kong

I’m an American journalist living and working in Hong Kong. I got here by way of Beijing, by way of New York, and originally come from Indiana. I originally moved to Beijing because I found a job there. Before that, I was working in New York but was feeling a bit restless. I was working … Read more

Typhoons in Hong Kong – My Experience As An Expat

by Nancy Bach If you’re arriving for your Hong Kong expat assignment to coincide with the fall start of the school year, you’re hitting typhoon season in full force. Unless you’re used to hurricanes along the US coast, this may be a bit of a scare. Not to worry… We flew into Hong Kong at … Read more

Make Hong Kong Your Home

by Nancy Bach If you’ve traveled many miles from home to Hong Kong, your world may be turned upside down, literally. So how do you deal with all the changes you meet in this foreign country? Some withdraw and try to wait it out, wallowing in homesickness. Some act as tourists, experiencing everything on the … Read more

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