Things To Consider When Moving To Spain

courtesy of Crown Relocations Located in South West Europe, just miles from North Africa, Spain’s unique way of life stems from the age-old cultural mix which makes up the country. There’s no other country in the world quite like it, and the laid-back lifestyle, excellent food, great climate and friendly people make Spain a hugely … Read more

One Stop Shopping In Barcelona

by Patty Sanchez By now most expat families have settled into a new apartment and neighborhood in Barcelona after arriving in September to begin new jobs. I recently met a mother who moved from Illinois to Barcelona and wanted to find a store where she could find it all: groceries, domestic appliances, clothing, etc. Obviously, … Read more

Alan Parks and Lorna Penfold, Montoro

We are Alan Parks and Lorna Penfold, and we live in an old Olive Mill in the countryside surrounding Montoro in the province of Cordoba, Andalucia. We moved here in January 2008, having only decided the previous June that we would move. Lorna was a competitive dance teacher for 30 years but was diagnosed with … Read more

Grocery Shopping In Barcelona

by Patty Sanchez If you just arrived to Spain and decide it is time to go grocery shopping, hold that thought! Do not be a new inexperienced expat and think you can walk home carrying three bags of groceries loaded with fruit, meats, dairy products and a five liter bottle of water. After five minutes … Read more

Working In Spain – Still An Option?

by Rob Innis It is no secret that the Spanish economy, along with most of Europe, has taken a battering with the current financial downturn referred to here as the ‘crisis.’ Unemployment is running at record high levels – so does that mean job opportunities are zero? Here on the Costa Blanca the boom years … Read more

It Is Now Tougher To Relocate To Spain

by Rob Innis Spain’s financial downturn, known locally as el crisis, has meant that apart from the government increasing taxation and making severe budget cuts the rules regarding both taking out Spanish residency and obtaining healthcare have recently been revised. All EU citizens are entitled to live and work in Spain as part of the … Read more

Moving to Spain – Tips and Lessons Learned

We were internet marketers that needed a break…so we started a tapas restaurant in Spain! Some said we were crazy, some said we were brave. We say we are a little bit of both. Read our story, the lessons we learned and our tips… It has been almost three years since we moved to Spain … Read more

Health Care In Spain

Moving to Spain usually involves a few of basic activities such as learning Spanish, looking for a job (if outplacement was not the reason for moving), finding a new house and a looking for a proper school for your children. Once accomplished, you will experience you are not only living in a different country, but … Read more

How to avoid… (in Spain), Part 1

by Mark FR Wilkins, The Rights Group in Spain The Off Plan Market How to avoid…getting ripped off in making an "off plan" purchase You’ll have seen the wonderful images at the Property Show in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Dublin and you’ll have been very drawn to the idea of getting in early on the … Read more

Check list for British expats moving to Spain

by Mark FR Wilkins, The Rights Group SL In the same way that removals companies have countdown diaries to help you remember all those important elements needed before the “Big Day”, I felt it would be useful for those seeking to relocate to or acquire a holiday home in Spain, to have a “Check List” … Read more

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