5 Things to Know Before Moving to Sweden

 Carlie: Hey there, it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus Podcast. Before we begin, I just want to let you know about the Expat Focus newsletter. It hits your inbox every month, and along with our latest podcast episodes, you’ll be kept up to speed with international news and finance updates, articles related to expat … Read more

Marie Daake, Höganäs

Who are you? My name is Marie Daake. Where, when and why did you move abroad? In the summer of 2019, I moved to Höganäs, in the Skåne province of Sweden, from the US, so that I could live with my fiancé. What challenges did you face during the move? The primary challenge was the … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In Sweden

The financial sector in Sweden is of fundamental importance to the economic wellbeing of the country, and it helps ensure that both private and business lives continue to function adequately. The Swedish banking system is well developed and is considered to be very efficient and reliable.The four main categories of banks in the Swedish financial … Read more

How To Rent Or Buy Property In Sweden

Sweden, which is part of the geographical area of Fennoscandia, is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands. Its landscape is dotted with lakes, vast forests, and mountains, and its climate is generally mild, with snowy winters and warm summers.Sweden is an amazing country and a pleasant place to plant roots. It’s known for … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In Sweden

Citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland do not need a visa to visit, live and work in Sweden. Citizens of the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a number of other countries – those that have a treaty with the Schengen area (of which Sweden is a … Read more

How To Find A Job In Sweden

Sweden is a popular place for expats to relocate due to its above-average salaries, sharp focus on gender equality and substantial parental leave. As a result, demand for available jobs is high and employers are in a great position to be particularly selective as to whom they appoint.For European Union (EU) and European Economic Area … Read more

What Options Are Available For Chronically Ill Expats Living In Sweden?

The public health system in Sweden offers an exceptionally high level of care. The vast majority of appointments, treatments and prescriptions are subsidised by the state; and costs for doctors’ visits and prescriptions are capped by the government at 1,100 SEK and 2,200 SEK per year respectively. This means that those living with chronic illnesses … Read more

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