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Gibraltar - Taking Your Pets

The relocation of pets into Gibraltar is allowed as long as certain criteria are met. Residents of the European Union member states can bring cats and dogs as long as they are in good health, have been vaccinated against rabies and hold a valid certificate of confirmation. For the first rabies injection then it must be no less than 28 days between the injection being administered and the pet's arrival in Gibraltar.

Those sailing into Gibraltar with their pets will find that the animals will not be allowed to come ashore unless they have been properly vaccinated and can prove they have not visited a country outside of the European Union within the last 6 months.

Gibraltar is a member of the PETS passport scheme meaning that pets with the passport coming from EU countries do not have any quarantine period. Pets from outside of the European Union are not usually permitted to enter the country. It is required that the relocation of cats and dogs can only be done via the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands. A microchip is necessary but a local vet should be able to advise the exact requirements needing to be met for relocation from the home country to Gibraltar.

Pets should be a minimum of 4 months old before they will be considered for entry into Gibraltar and a certificate from the British Ministry of Agriculture stating that the pet has been in the country for the last 6 months is also required.

Founded in 1993, the Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic is available to treat sick or ailing pets for peace of mind of anyone wishing to relocate with their smallest member of the family in tow. They are available 24 hours a day and even run a pet boarding scheme in the event that pet owners have to go away at short notice. The Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic even offers Pet Medical Insurance services.

There are several pet supply outlets in Gibraltar, enough to find anything you may need for your family pet while in the country, from food and toys and even clothes for the more pampered animals.

Due to being a part of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar has animal welfare laws almost identical to those that the expat may be used to and have even appointed a former RSPCA inspector as their Animal Welfare Office to make sure these laws are enforced.

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