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Singapore - Citizenship

Those who have had permanent residency for at least two years and are 21 years of age and older may apply for citizenship. Spouses may also apply for citizenship if they have been a Singapore PR for at least two years and were married for at least two years before the application date. If you want your children to become citizens and they were born overseas, you can apply on their behalf once you have received citizenship.

Normally, citizenship applications take about six months to process. You can find additional information regarding the application procedures on the ICA’s website.

10 Kallang Road, ICA Building
Singapore 208718
Hotline: +65 6391 6100

There are several benefits to receiving citizenship rather than simply remaining a PR. There are also some other things that should be taken into consideration. For instance, all male Singaporeans enroll in military training called National Service (NS). Males must register when they are 16 years old under the Enlistment Act and they have to serve two years of full-time National Service (NS) at 18 years of age. This is followed by 40 days of Operationally Ready NS every year until age 50 (for officers) or 40 (for other ranks).

If children are granted permanent residency under their parents’ sponsorship then they must adhere to these guidelines. Exemption is only granted to main applicants who become PRs under the first-generation Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme or the Investors Scheme. If this requirement is not met then your PR status or citizenship status could be impacted. For more information about the National Service, visit:

Central Manpower Base
CMPB Podium
3 Depot Road
Singapore 109680
Tel: 1800 367 3737 (local)
65 657 6767 (overseas)

Some of the benefits of gaining citizenship include certain tax relief programs, property rights, housing rewards, and healthcare allowances. Those who hold Singapore passports have liberal visa requirements around the world, too.

Some of the greatest benefits of being a Singapore citizen are in the housing area. Only Singapore citizens can buy and rent apartments directly from the HDB – Housing & Development Board. Singapore citizens may also purchase subsidized executive condos and studio apartments developed by the HDB.

In addition, citizens can obtain loans from the HDB to fund their housing and first time buyers of government-built flats can receive housing subsidies such as the housing grant. For instance, the CPF Housing Grant is provided by the Government to assist eligible households to purchase a HDB flat and is as much as S$30,000. Plus, when the government upgrades HDB flats, Singapore citizens only pay some of the costs while PRs incur the whole cost. Permanent residents have to get approval from the Ministry of Law if they wish to purchase landed property although citizens may purchase any type of private residential property.

Where education is concerned, foreign students and PRs pay higher school and university fees in comparison to Singapore citizens. The fees for citizens can be as much as 50% less, depending on the type of school.

Certain tax relief programs are only available to Singapore citizens, too, and not to PRs or foreigners. The Parenthood Tax Relief, Working Mother’s Child Relief, Qualifying/Handicapped Child Relief, and the Grandparent Caregiver Relief are only available for citizens to take advantage of.

Dual citizenship is not recognized in Singapore. If you do decide to become a citizen, you will need to give up your home passport and denounce your citizenship.

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