Malta – Taxation

Malta has a taxation system that includes both direct and indirect taxes. The system is administered by the Maltese Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Double Taxation Agreements Malta has signed double taxation agreements with several countries, including the United States, Canada, and most of the EU member states. These agreements aim to avoid double taxation on … Read more

Malta – Self-Employment

Malta is a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its size, Malta has become a popular destination for expats looking to start their own business or become self-employed. In this article, we will explore how self-employment and start-ups work for expats in Malta, including a step-by-step guide on how to register as … Read more

Malta – Retail and Consumer Issues

Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, has a unique blend of cultures and influences that shape its retail and consumer landscape. In this article, we’ll explore the typical opening hours of shops, forms of payment, major supermarkets, online shopping, shops for expats, and consumer rights in Malta. Typical Opening Hours of Shops … Read more

Malta – Residency

Types of residency in Malta Malta offers different types of residency permits for foreign nationals. The type of residency permit that is suitable for a person depends on their reasons for relocating to Malta. Permanent Residency Malta offers permanent residency for non-EU nationals. To apply for permanent residency, an applicant must have legally resided in … Read more

Malta – Property Rental Prices

Typical Rental Prices in Expatriate-Friendly Areas of Malta Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean, has become a popular destination for expatriates due to its pleasant climate, historic charm, and vibrant culture. Rental prices in Malta can vary widely depending on the location, property type, and other factors. In this section, we will explore typical … Read more

Malta – Rail Travel

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of just over 500,000 people. The country has a limited rail network, with only one active line that connects the capital city of Valletta to the town of Mdina. Despite the small size of the network, rail travel remains a popular mode … Read more

Malta – Property Taxes

Property tax in Malta is known as “annual property tax” and is based on the rental value of the property. The tax rate ranges from 0.1% to 0.5% of the rental value of the property. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) CGT is imposed on the sale of property in Malta and is calculated as a percentage … Read more

Malta – Property Letting

Understanding the Letting Process in Malta Letting a property in Malta involves several key aspects, including generating rental income, adhering to rental rules and regulations, crafting rental contracts, determining rental rates, managing furnishings, collaborating with property agents, handling security deposits, and ensuring property maintenance and cleanliness. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential … Read more