Wellness and Preventive Care: Health Screenings Every Expat in Saudi Arabia Should Consider

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made significant strides in its healthcare sector over the past few decades. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and a robust healthcare infrastructure, it has become a popular destination for expats seeking both employment and a high standard of medical care. However, adjusting to a new healthcare system can be challenging, … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Eye Care

Saudi Arabia has a well-established healthcare system that provides access to eye care services for all residents and visitors. This article will provide information on how to find an eye care professional in Saudi Arabia and how eye care is paid for in the country. Finding an Eye Care Professional in Saudi Arabia There are … Read more

Saudi Arabia – End of Life Issues

Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Middle East with a growing healthcare system. Hospices in Saudi Arabia provide specialized care for patients with life-limiting illnesses, focusing on improving their quality of life and relieving symptoms. In this article, we’ll explore hospices in Saudi Arabia, local customs and practices when someone dies, and what … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Air Travel

Overall Standard of Domestic Air Travel in Saudi Arabia Domestic air travel in Saudi Arabia has seen a significant improvement over the past few years. With the government’s focus on enhancing tourism and infrastructure, domestic airlines now offer world-class services, with various options ranging from economy to luxury. Locations Served Saudi Arabia’s domestic air travel … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Visas

Visa Regulations for Entering Saudi Arabia Visa regulations for entering Saudi Arabia are strict and must be followed closely. Visitors should be aware of the most important rules in relation to visas and understand how to successfully navigate these regulations. Passport Requirements: Visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Selling Property

Selling a property in Saudi Arabia without the assistance of a real estate agent is possible, but it involves navigating through specific legal and cultural considerations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sell your property yourself in Saudi Arabia: 1. Property Valuation The first step is to determine the market value of your property. … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Buying Property

Legal Restrictions on Property Ownership and Sale in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has specific legal restrictions on property ownership and sale by foreign nationals. It’s essential to be aware of these regulations: Ownership in Certain Areas: Foreign nationals are generally prohibited from owning property in specific areas designated for Saudi citizens only. Leasehold Agreements: Foreigners … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Work Permits and Working Legally

Working Legally in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, known for its rich cultural heritage and economic opportunities, has become an attractive destination for expats seeking employment and career growth. However, working legally in Saudi Arabia involves navigating a complex system of regulations, including the requirement to obtain a work permit. In this comprehensive guide, we will … Read more

Saudi Arabia – Veterinary Care

Saudi Arabia, located in the Middle East, is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. The country has a growing pet population, and pet ownership is becoming increasingly popular among its citizens. As a result, veterinary care is becoming more important in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will explore the standard of veterinary care … Read more