Harry Miller, Elazig

Who are you? I am Harry Miller, a 63-year-old American originally from Colorado. Where, when and why did you move abroad? Initially, I moved to Elazig, Turkey, in September of 2010.Elazig is located in the eastern central part of the country about a 5-hour drive from the Syrian/Iraqi border. I moved to Turkey to accept … Read more

Catie Funk, Izmir

Who are you? I am travel writer and photographer as well as an expat blogger and podcaster for FunkTravels. I am currently learning Turkish part time. Before our move, I was a university study abroad coordinator.Before that I lived in Turkey and Afghanistan for a combined 4 years total. My husband and I are both … Read more

Colin, Istanbul

Who are you? My name is Colin Guest, a 76 year old retired Englishman.Where, when and why did you move abroad? I came to work in Turkey in 1989, on a five star hotel construction site down on the Mediterranean Coast, near what is now the resort town of Kemer, Antalya. My wife and I … Read more

Lisa Morrow, Istanbul

Who are you? I’m from Australia where I trained as a sociologist but became an English language teacher instead. I started a blog about three years ago and then decided to get more serious about my writing. Three books later, I now also write for international websites and magazines. I’m especially passionate about rice pudding … Read more

Colin Guest, Istanbul

As a result of losing my wife to cancer shortly after retiring, at the age of 72, I later married a wonderful Turkish lady. From living in my home of twenty years in the country on the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, I moved to live in Istanbul. It is an incredible difference living here, where the … Read more

Louise, Istanbul

Who are you? My name is Louise, originally from Birmingham UK. When where and why did you move abroad? I moved just two months ago this week to Istanbul. A last minute decision and job offer saw my partner and I pack up our flat, our lives and our jobs to come and teach English … Read more

Gosia Simonowicz, Istanbul

Who are you? I’m Gosia Simonowicz and I’m a Polish student, currently living in Istanbul Where, when and why did you move abroad? I always thought that world is too big to stay just in one place throughout your whole life, so as soon as I turned 18 I decided that it’s time to go … Read more

Ellen Rabiner, Antalya

Who are you? I am an American opera singer and former lawyer. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Antalya, Turkey in March of 2010. I came here because I wanted to go someplace I’d never been and to explore a new culture and language. I also wanted sun, beach and … Read more

Helen Simpson, Istanbul

Helen Simpson, Istanbul-based travel writer and editor for online travel guide, www.myistanbulinfo.com. I moved to Istanbul, Turkey, at the end of 2009 to help set up an online guide to Istanbul. I first came here on an extended travelling holiday and fell in love with the city, so I decided to stay and try to … Read more

Jack Scott, Bodrum

My name is Jack Scott, originally from London. Last year I moved to Bodrum in Turkey with my civil partner, Liam. I was a petty bureaucrat for 30 years gently ascending a career ladder to middle management, middle income and a middling suburban terrace; comfortable, secure and passionately dissatisfying. We thought it high time to … Read more

Colin Guest, Kemer

My name is Colin Guest; I am originally from England but now live in Turkey. In 1988, I accepted a contract to work in Turkey, on a hotel complex down on the Mediterranean coast at a place named Kemer. Until moving to Turkey, I had no knowledge of what life was like living there. I … Read more

Tara Lutman Agacayak, Istanbul

My name is Tara Lutman Agacayak. In 2002 I married my Turkish husband and moved to Turkey to be with him. My biggest challenges were not knowing Turkish and not having a support network to help me through the culture shock. There were no other foreigners in the small town where we first ended up … Read more

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