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USA – Five Recommended Expat Blogs

Published Thursday April 23, 2015 (17:38:48)


At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at the USA and some of the bloggers who write about living there.

Nouveau North Westerners

Written by two Australians who now live in Washington, Nouveau North Westerners is an eclectic blog that covers many different aspects of expat life. The 'Tourist In Our Own Town' section discusses fun things to do in Ellensberg, and there are other categories devoted to fashion, food, drinks and being thrifty. Of particular interest to expats, though, will be the 'Expat Life' series of posts, which features everything from beating jet lag to flag etiquette.

Expat Austin Mum

Caroline is a British mum who moved to Austin, Texas in 2014. Her blog is an open and honest look at life in the USA, including features to help you feel more at home, like the Chocolate Mailbox, a place that sends British chocolate to hungry expats. Expat Austin Mum also features useful posts about the cost of living in Austin, guides to its neighbourhoods, and what it's like raising children in a culture that's new to you.

Me, Myself and Atlanta

Rachel lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her German husband and blogs about her experiences there. Me, Myself and Atlanta gives a fun glimpse of life in the USA, including details of Rachel's trips to nearby states and the best spots to find excellent food. The 'Catching up on life' posts are a wonderful series that show the more relaxed part of expat life, including the little day-to-day aspects of living in Atlanta that make the move worthwhile – sunset, bluegrass concerts and local farmers' markets.


The blog of a Russian expat living in the USA, Lublyou shows the most beautiful aspects of New York: walks in Central Park, flowering trees on the walks to work. Katie mixes traditional Russian recipes thoughts on expat life and its joys and challenges, including how it feels to celebrate a birthday as an expat away from the rest of the family. Several of the posts are also written in Russian, so if you're currently thinking about leaving Russia for the USA, this would be a great place to stop by.

UK Desperate Housewife USA

From the first taste of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich to the horror of the term 'trailing spouse', UK Desperate Housewife USA doesn't hold back on detailing the good, the bad and the ugly of expat life. It's a fascinating look into some of the cultural differences between the two countries, with posts about the sizes of houses, the different styles of interior design, and of course, the Great Chocolate Debate. But you'll have to visit the blog to read more. It's certainly worth a look!

Those are our recommended expat blogs for today. Do you write about being an expat? Let us know in the comments!

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