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Expat Focus International News Update May 2018

Posted on Tuesday May 22, 2018 (10:23:02)

Expat assignments help boost staff loyalty

Expat employers believe that offering staff overseas assignments will help boost staff loyalty, according to a survey. The findings from Allianz Care found that employers said their biggest concern is keeping their staff engaged while other worries include recruitment, physical health and costs.

Expats say that the main non-financial incentive for working abroad is career progression, followed by flexibility.

Staff are also becoming more aware of health and safety issues for an assignment and employers that demonstrate empathy will improve expat engagement.

However, for 70% of respondents, the two most important issues that employers need to get right for successful overseas assignments are their pre-location support and the happiness of the expat’s spouse and children.   more ...

Articles > General


Which Countries Offer Expat Women The Best Career Prospects?

Posted on Monday April 23, 2018 (09:06:05)

Here in the UK, the subject of equality in the workplace is weekly headline. Whether the talk is of gender pay gaps at the BBC or retailers failing to promote women into management role, it’s a sad fact the glass ceiling has yet to be truly smashed.

If this is the case in the UK, where British and EU law supposedly guarantee equal opportunities, how do other countries around the world compare? One new study lists the top ten countries for working expat women.   more ...

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Expat Focus International Healthcare Update April 2018

Posted on Thursday April 19, 2018 (08:55:09)

Increasingly risky expat assignments lead to demand for advice

Employers who are sending expat employees to risky locations are increasingly demanding that their international private medical insurance provider helps meet their duty of care requirements, HR professionals say.

Research from Collinson Group, a global insurance and assistance provider, says that 23% of HR professionals they questioned say their organisation is increasingly sending staff to pursue opportunities in emerging economies such as Russia and China.   more ...

Articles > General


Expat Focus International News Update April 2018

Posted on Thursday April 19, 2018 (08:34:54)

Without tailored support expat assignments could fail

Employers should be considering the various needs of their expat employees, including their different life stages and age groups, in a bid to avoid their overseas assignments from failing, one health insurance intermediary says.

The Health Insurance Group says that business relocation and travel overseas was mainly carried out by older staff in years gone by but employers are as likely today to send employees aged in their 20s and 30s overseas.   more ...

Articles > General


How To Make Friends Abroad In Your 40s

Posted on Monday April 16, 2018 (13:55:11)

If you are facing the prospect of starting expat life in your 40s, or indeed moving to another new country, you may be asking yourself how you will meet new people and friends. Indeed, worries of these nature are inevitable in this situation. You might feel that this will be harder for you than some of your counterparts. After all, if you have children, it’s not likely that you’ll be hitting all the local bars on a regular basis. You may begrudge the twenty-somethings expats, assuming that they find it much easier to meet new people, but that doesn’t have to be the case!   more ...

Articles > General


How To Renew Your British Passport When Overseas

Posted on Monday April 16, 2018 (13:31:16)

There’s a multitude of reasons why you would need to renew your UK passport while you’re overseas. You may currently live far from home, or work in a remote area, and don’t want to travel all the way back to the UK to renew your passport. Although we hope this isn’t the case, it could be that your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged. Perhaps you travel a lot and have run out of blank pages ahead of your passport expiry date, or you’re nearing the end of a specified length of validity for your current country.   more ...

Articles > General


How To Deal With The Language Barrier When You First Move Abroad

Posted on Monday April 02, 2018 (11:11:05)

Nothing signals culture shock quite like a language barrier. Touching down at your destination, tired and lost, being confronted by grumpy officials barking orders you can’t understand and pointing to forms covered in unrecognisable text can provoke anxiety.   more ...

Articles > Health


Lassa Fever - What You Need To Know

Posted on Monday March 26, 2018 (08:18:21)

These days, it seems as though there is always an epidemic for us to worry about. Bird flu and SARS, swine flu and Zika, even the terrifying Ebola have threatened to spread around the word. Every sneeze and fever seem to represent a real and present threat to life. Now, another deadly disease is threatening to strike fear into doctors, governments and travellers alike in the form of Lassa fever.   more ...

Articles > General


Expat Focus International News Update March 2018

Posted on Monday March 19, 2018 (10:44:23)

Male expats enjoy better career rewards after an overseas assignment

The career development of male expats is accelerated after spending time overseas, a survey reveals. The AXA World of Work report reveals that 51% of male expats say their career benefited from the move, whereas just 39% of women said so.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update March 2018

Posted on Monday March 19, 2018 (10:25:52)

Demand rockets for expat travel risk advice

Advice on the risks facing expats and executive travellers is growing quickly, say International SOS and Control Risks. The organisations say that over the last 10 years, demand for their specialist advice has gone up by 800%.   more ...

Expat Health Insurance Partners

Aetna International

Our award-winning expatriate business provides health benefits to more than 650,000 members worldwide. In addition, we have helped develop world-class health systems for governments, corporations and providers around the world. We want to be the global leader in delivering world-class health solutions, making quality health care more accessible and empowering people to live healthier lives.

AXA - Global Healthcare

As the global healthcare specialists for AXA, the world’s number one insurance brand, we can help you get fast access to expert medical care, whenever and wherever you need it. All our plans include evacuation and repatriation, a second medical opinion service and extra support from a dedicated case manager if you’re diagnosed with cancer. You’ll also have 24/7 support from our caring multilingual team - we’ll always remember you’re a person, not a case number.

Bupa Global

Bupa Global is one of the world’s largest international health insurers. We offer direct access to over 1.2m medical providers worldwide, and we settle directly with them so you don’t have to pay up front for your treatment. We provide access to leading specialists without the need to see your family doctor first and ensure that you have the same level of cover wherever you might be, home or away.

Cigna International

Cigna has worked in international health insurance for more than 30 years. Today, Cigna has over 71 million customer relationships around the world. Looking after them is an international workforce of 31,000 people, plus a network of over 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists worldwide, meaning you have easy access to treatment.