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The Macdonald Family


Faith is one of their main inspirations, and the Macdonald Family have followed their hearts to begin a new life in Belize. Having only been there for a few months they are settling into a very different way of life. Featuring visits to the beach, butchery lessons and cooling off in the local creek, their journey is fascinating.


Taking Belize


Moving to Ambergris Caye in 2012, retired couple Debra and Bill brought their (now local celebrity) huskies and are enjoying the good life. Their blog covers a variety of topics - from whether you can (or should) drive from Belize to the US and speaking Belizean Kriol, to getting golf cart permits and grocery shopping on a Belize island.


Wendy Miller Learning Belize


Living in the tropical jewel city of Belize has challenges, but Wendy and her husband loved it enough to move there, and settle. Her tone is one of honest wonderment - and her 'critters' posts are fascinating reads. She also shares her ups and downs of their visa journey.


Romantic Travel Belize


Exclusively sharing the nuptial preparations of couples who have come to Belize for swoonworthy weddings before settling into life on the tropical island, this business blog is full of practical tips for planning a destination wedding. Just be warned that once you visit, you'll never want to leave.


Vet Tails


Samantha English grew up in Ontario, Canada and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2006. A fair few years later she moved to Belize for a year of caring for the four-legged and taloned inhabitants of Ambergris Caye. Just be warned: images are often graphic - but the posts offer more of an unusual view of working life there. Her stories of working in a not-for profit organisation are and insightful.


Belize It or Not


Moving from his home in Alaska to the sunny, sandy shores of Hopkins - a small coastal town in Eastern Belize - this blogger moved opened a seaside restaurant. Having lived there for over 12 years, he and his family are experienced expats and absolutely devoted foodies.


Belize Living Now


Full of the enthusiasm the blog title conveys, each post in this online journal is helpful, informative and very practical. For area recommendations, reasons why you should move to Belize and an overwhelming sense of well-deserved local pride - not to mention a bucketload of expat experience - this is a good blog to bookmark.


Target Belize


Developing a plot of land in his wife Linda's native country, American Joel is planning to site their retirement in the Central American nation. Loving the hot, humid summers and having a family network to welcome them, they are sharing their first-hand journey and research into taking their lives away from cool, rainy Chicago.


Belize Scoop


Sharing the many happenings of life in Belize - celebrity spotting, restaurants opening and occasional lessons on the importance of the local ecosystem - this blog is a comprehensive guide. Featuring listicles as well as answers to thought provoking expat questions, this blog is a great resource for having fun and learning about local life.


Life Stories of a Meandering Fool


Living in the #1 TripAdvisor rated Destination in Central America for 2016, Kendall charts his shenanigans and experiences of life in Belize. Calling on a cast of friendly locals, a few mischievous situations and an appreciation for the balance of life in his adopted home, it is interesting to see expat life through the eyes of this Colorado native.