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Bulgaria with Noodles


My blog, Bulgaria with Noodles, is all about Bulgaria and China, two very different countries. At the moment my wife and are living in China, just round the corner from Hong Kong, but next summer we will be moving to Bulgaria.


Beezone in Bulgaria


Tracey and Paul started new lives in April 2012, moving to Bulgaria. Their blog is an online record of the highs and lows they experience by changing the rat race for a more laid back way of life. Written with a heart deep honesty and insight into their personal lives, posts don't happen often, but they are good long reads about expat life.


Bulgarian Silvatree


Though it hasn't been updated for a long while, the archive of expat posts here make it a worthy entry in our list of Bulgarian blogs. This British couple write about life how it is - their subtitle is that 'Bulgaria isn't for everyone' and how it seems to be a nut that has to be cracked open to enjoy.


Move to Bulgaria


Minty and Peter uprooted their lives to Bulgaria in 2014, and since then they have been putting down firm roots in their new home. This blog is a expat diary sharing the day to day passions and thoughts of this sweet couple. This journal is an unphotoshopped reality of daily life in Bulgaria.


Travelin 2 Bulgaria


The travelin2bulgaria blog features six main sections: practicalities of expat life, things to do in Veliko Tarnovo, tips on homestays and room rentals, learning to speak and read Bulgarian, destinations in Bulgaria and a link to a book specifically on culture shock. All the posts are helpful and well written for expats both new and experienced alike.


Debrazza Man


Debrazzaman shares his life in Bulgaria, settled in a menagerie of animal companions and whatever nature throws at him. He and his wife escaped the UK rat race as a result of too many early mornings, stressful work environments and not enough quality time in 2013 to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible. He has been through some of the hardest aspects of expat life with personal events, and writes of his struggles and thought processes.


Bankso Blog


Bansko, a town at the foot of the Pirin Mountain forming part of Pirin National Park in southwest Bulgaria, is the adopted home of Lance, the author of the Bankso Blog. He had been visiting the area since 2004 and this journal / resource / website was his elegant solution to the myriad of questions from his friends. Written very much from the viewpoint of an experienced expat, it is a fantastic collation of information - especially for those who love skiing.


The Travel Bug


Chronicling her Bulgarian property purchases, renovations, legal troubles, property sales and more (see the menus for ease of navigation) Rachel has ended up being a bit of a property guru - in fact her friends now ask her to list their own homes for sale in Bulgaria. She isn't an Estate Agent, but now is someone living the dream of a relaxed and easy life in the sun.


Upsticks and Move to Bulgaria


Jacquie began blogging to share wanted to share her excitement at escaping the rat race and starting life anew in Bulgaria with her husband Ed, her Mum and their 5 dogs. They wanted to move to a pace more remeniscent of her childhood on the Cornwall coast, and this collection of posts are the lessons they have learnt along the way - including the challenge of buying a home via the internet.


Eat Stay Love Life


Rebecca is an ardent travel lover, and has made her home in Bulgaria (after a stint of expat life in other countries). Her blog Eat Stay Love Bulgaria is a testament to her passion - and an excellent place for travel loving expats to learn all about life in Bulgaria. She features interviews with other expats and practical tips and recommendations that are essential for settling in.