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Expat Blogs > China  (add a blog)


Lena Around


An interest inspired by a book led a happy Danish girl out of her comfort zone and into 'dragon-country'. The beautiful pictures in her detailed travel guides will give confidence to anyone traveling in China and her honest enthusiasm for China shines through in her writing. A must read for anyone thinking of volunteering in China.


Shandongxifu's Blog


Just a normal American girl who ended up living in China. She blogs to prevent the deterioration of her native English, and maybe to improve her Chinese too. Diary type posts highlight the differences between the two cultures and deals with the commonplace and unusual issues which appear in every expat life.


Writer. Traveler. Tea drinker.


As the blog title suggests, Becky is a writer, traveler, tea drinker and a lot else besides. Her wanderlust-worthy photographs accompany informative, fun and useful content, with an added epic quest which could inspire you too. The blog is a personal and unique perspective, which will help give any possible or current expats more of an understanding of the China this expat lives in.


Chocolate Chick in China


This New Jersey native jumped face first out of her comfort zone and landed teaching English in China. Sharing wonderfully honest stories of dating, friendship and the expat lifestyle on her blog, this chick tells it like it is. Traveling has proved good for her soul and she hopes to inspire other black women to get out there and take on the world, just like she has.


Marta Lives in China


Ten years after she first set foot in China from her native Spain, Marta still notices the small differences in her relationships and everyday expat life. The blog is a record of her ongoing adventures; she talks to you as a friend and acts as a guide through the captivating culture of China.


China Elevator Stories


According to Austrian Ruth, in China, it's the little things that will make your day. Ruth blogs about life as a foreigner, her Chinese in-laws and the bridging of cultures and languages that makes up everyday life. Understanding China and all of its idiosyncrasies is an unending task for this soon to be parent of two. Her conversations with strangers don't just happen in elevators; and however short, they are sure to raise a smile.


Lost Panda


Anna, a freelance illustrator and portrait artist, blogs to further the understanding of Chinese culture abroad through her personal experiences. Life in rural China is worlds away from a German upbringing and is filled with unspoken etiquette waiting to trip up an unprepared expat. From what to expect from a hospital visit to everything you need to get you baking at home, you'll find it all here.


Diaries of a Yangxifu


A love for China that started at university, continued in a gap year teaching in Nanjing and today finds this British native happily settled in Beijing with a Chinese husband and a new baby. The blogger shares her expat experiences of cross cultural family life as a reader, working mum and lover of vegetarian food.


Living a Dream in China


From Finland to China, Living a dream in China documents the life of Sara from student to teacher and from wife to mother. An interest in China which may well have started in the womb is now her everyday life that she shares on the blog. Travel guides, expat life and help learning Chinese are just part of what you can learn from this talented trilingual.


Speaking of China


Ohio native Jocelyn's blog was inspired by her life, love and relationships in China. From guides to gift giving to how to deal with your Chinese in laws, you will find the inside scoop here from someone who has learnt from experience the 'right' way to do it.