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Expat Family In Denmark


ur American family recently moved to Denmark with four small kids. I write about the transition process, the amazing Danish schools, and the cultural differences that I observe.


Hej Sonderborg


Michael and Ann are a couple who blog about their life in Sonderborg. Ann is from Malta and Michael is from Denmark, although he too has experience of being an expat in Prague and London. If you’re thinking of moving to this area, Hej Sonderborg is a great blog to read as it details the challenges and pleasures of daily life there. Check out the ‘99 Things to Do in Sonderborg’ section for inspiration on how to spend your spare time and explore your new area in more depth.


The Feel Of Home


Amy is an Irish expat who is currently completing her PhD. Moving around frequently means that the blog is a good resource for expats in general, regardless of where they’re moving to, but there are specific sections for both Denmark generally and Copenhagen in particular that will prove useful for people living in this area. One of the best things about The Feel of Home is Amy’s willingness to share even the frustrating side of life, including financial advice and knowing your personal demons. If you enjoy honest writing and want a well-rounded approach to the expat experience, The Feel of Home is the blog for you.


The Copenhagen Tales


Another blogger in the capital, Laura is a German coffee addict and language enthusiast who shares her day-to-day life through her site. With a particular focus on food and drink, including mouthwatering picture essays about the best places to eat out in the city, The Copenhagen Tales is an interesting read for young professional expats who want to expand their cultural horizons and get to know the area. Peppered around the site are some useful guides as well, including using a foreign driver’s licence in Denmark and how to navigate the Danish summer.


Dejlige Days


Melanie hails from the UK and is now living in Copenhagen. She blogs about all areas of Denmark life, from cycle helmets to lunch culture and everything in between, and provides some useful tips on how to fit in and enjoy life after your move. The blog is updated regularly and has a strong focus on things to do in and around Copenhagen, which will no doubt be useful for new expats who are looking for activities and places to make friends. The recent post on what to do with preschoolers in Copenhagen is a great resource for anyone moving to, or visiting, the city with a young family.


Traveling Mama


Tina is an American photographer, writer, stylist and frequent traveller, who currently lives in Denmark with her husband and three children.

As you might expect from the blog of a photographer, Travelling Mama is beautifully laid out, with high-res images complementing each post and really bringing out the mood of the articles. If you’re moving abroad with children, take a look at the ‘Raising a Travelling Tribe’ category, accessible from the top menu. It provides useful information along with personal experiences on subjects like helping children adapt to a new country and renovating a house abroad.


Life in Denmark


If you're planning to move to Denmark, already in DK or just interested in the country, my blog is for you. Though others might find it interesting as well. I moved from Russia to Denmark in 2012. In my blog I write about the Danish culture, document issues, Danes, etc.


Sage & Simple


An American expat living in Denmark. Building (and living) a simple but gracious life in Europe.