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Expat Blogs > Estonia  (add a blog)


The Estonian Language Blog


Whilst this blog has gone un-updated for some time it definitely stands the test of time as an excellent resource for any learner of the Estonian language. Whilst a learner of the language actually blogs here, the content is moderated by natives, so you can be sure of what you are learning. Various resources are used from the everyday to academic materials and you will find all the angles covered, even the dreaded grammar. This successful blogger passed his B1 language certification before moving onto Finnish, and he lets you know exactly what to expect, should you take the test.


Adam’s World


Six months have passed since Adam moved on from Tallinn, but his blog still contains helpful advice for any prospective expat. A job opportunity is what took this Polish native, via Sofia, Bulgaria, to Estonia and his new experiences there brought about his blog. His observations on his expat home will definitely strike a chord for any current expats and might serve as a humorous warning to prospective ones.


Vello Vikerkaar


A Canadian who made his home in his wife’s native Estonia writes with an astringent humour about his life in Estonia. Comparisons and cultural hurdles are plentiful in his lengthy posts, no topic is off limits and from an ex-army man turned musician turned writer, what else would you expect? Now a father of a bilingual child he is faced with more decisions that are specific to his expat family life, a challenging read and definitely worth a look.


Charm Offensive


Charm Offensive has been running since 2012 and is a well laid-out blog that complements each post with beautiful pictures. It features Estonian celebrities and popular culture, as well as restaurant reviews and updates on the author’s personal life. If you’re into fashion, culture, music or food, you will thoroughly enjoy Charm Offensive’s updates.


The Marvellous Adventures Of Matthew And Maris Crandall


If you like to find out about local events and opportunities from people who are living in Estonia as expats, rather than from sites with a less personal writing style, this is the place for you. Matthew and Maris pack a lot into their days, and write prolifically about their adventures. A great way to view Estonia through the eyes of people who have already relocated.


Estonia EU


With a large repository of information about Estonia’s society, culture, economy and history, as well as a guide to local events and some tips on learning the language, this site is a one-stop shop for all your basic needs before you move. The links along the top menu will take you to sister sites that contain more in-depth information on each topic, whether you’re looking to visit Estonia for a short period, go there to study or relocate permanently.


Estonia: Paradise Of The North


Tania is an Estonian citizen who currently lives in Munich, Germany.

Although she does not live in Estonia, Paradise Of The North contains a lot of useful information about the country, and as an expat herself, Tania is able to write about the challenges people face when they move abroad. The site is an eclectic mixture of all sorts of topics that will be of interest to expats, from local events to news about the country itself. There are also lists of Estonian proverbs, as well as thoughts on the history of Estonia and recommendations for people who are visiting for the first time.