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Expat Blogs > Germany  (add a blog)




Neenaland is a personal interest blog of a Filipino expat building a home in Germany.


Cheryl Howard


Cherylhoward.com is a travel and expat living blog to inspire you to travel more or move abroad.


Rama's Zone


My journey from a daughter who was born and brought up in India and to wife and a mom in a whole new country called Germany. Responsibilities as a wife started from learning how to cook to buy groceries, budget planning, house organisation, learning new language etc. The real kick-start of my responsibilities began after having my baby girl, life has changed since then and I feel more responsible now, making decisions, juggling my life and parenting between two rich cultures. These brought me to start a blog to share my life’s experiences which help women like me out there.


Live Work Germany


Live Work Germany is the blog of an English expat, focusing on providing expats and prospective expats in Germany helpful guidance on specific, related topics as well as a general life in Germany blog.


Oh God My Wife Is German


Subtitled 'The Misadventures of an American Expat and His Wife in Germany', this blog is a no holds barred collection of stories and musings that began many moons ago as a collection of quotes and 'Denglish' mistranslations. Including including posts about culture shock, life as an American expat and a healthy helping of sarcasm, posts will change Monday mornings forever.


My German Life


About to become a Mom to her second child, Sarah blogs as an American girl in Hamburg. She shares her daily life, DIY, unusual pizza presentation practises, newly developed habits and general musings on life in Germany.


Speaking Denglish


Living in the land of pretzels and punctuality seems to agree with Alex, a non-German-speaking Texan who intended to live short-term in Deustchland, but has found herself still there 6 years later. This 'Texpat' blogger/student/small business owner shares her adventures and tips (such as how to find a student job in Germany and the real experience of flat hunting in Munich) whilst she pursues a Master’s Degree.


Lehrer Werkstatt


Lehrer Werkstatt focuses on living and teaching in Germany. Initially Kathleen's impression was how similar Germany was to her American home, but before long she began to get under the skin of the weird and wonderful differences of a land where beer is often cheaper than water.


Liv Hambrett


An Australian Mum living a long way from her native kookaburras, Liv is a writer living in the north German city of Kiel. As an honoury Kielerin, she has discovered a non-tourist side to Germany - beaches, seafood, sailing and water-sports, harbours and ports, fjords and strange seafood dishes - all whilst discovering what it's really like as an expat.


So Long USA!


Having lived in Germany for 3 years, Danielle hasn't just fallen in love with a local lad, but the language chicanery of Deustchland. Whether she's trying to express the unexpressable in England and resorting to German, or revelling in 45-letter words, expat life for this American-born teacher has changed in many unexpected ways. Share her linguistic discoveries and a plethora of travel adventures.