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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

patterson estate


Patterson estate is about an Ohio girl who found herself in Hong Kong after a brief stint in Virginia..."Whatever have I gotten myself into? between packing lunches and laundry I find myself at wet markets discovering fresh produce with the locals and trying to figure out the difference between cantonese versus mandarin."

Hong Kong

Hailey's Hong Kong Diary


This is where I talk about the excitement & adjustments of living in a completely different culture. Everybody’s welcome to come along for the ride.

Hong Kong

Being Dutch in Asia


My experiences of working as an expat in China and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong



American expatriate living in Hong Kong. Learn more about the Fragrant Harbor than you ever thought you needed to know.

Hong Kong

Through The Looking Glass


Through The Looking Glass is a beauty, food, Hong Kong and whatever else I can think of blog, as one of the few English-language beauty blogs in Hong Kong with in-depth product reviews and swatches. It also features posts about Hong Kong including write-ups of tourist spots, restaurants, exhibitions, shows, arts events and other quirky things, alongside an eclectic mix of music, film, television and book reviews and random musings on ‘pretty things’.

Hong Kong

Hong Wrong


Hong Wrong chronicles the good, bad and ugly under the Fragrant Harbour’s fading lights – my home for the past 7 years. When big news events kick off in the SAR, I use the site to try and reinterpret what’s happening in a concise way.

Hong Kong

bluebalu: Living in Hong Kong


This blog is about bluebalu living in Hong Kong and travelling through Asia and America.

Hong Kong



British expats exploring Hong Kong life.

Hong Kong



In December 2009, we moved to Hong Kong for an Asian adventure and for my job as a court reporter here. We live in a tiny village in the beautiful town of Sai Kung and this document is a record of my life as wife, mother, stenographer and expatriate.

Hong Kong

Mint Mocha Musings


Since arriving in this colourful and crazy city two years ago, there have been some pretty major life changes. Swapping the Sky News desk and microphone for a change table and nappy bag, I’m now lucky enough to enjoy the best of both worlds: a mum plus work as a freelance journalist, writer, media trainer, presenter and Master of Ceremonies. And now it seems…a blogger.