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The Blonde


Living for two years (and one month) in Doha, this Hertfordshire lass embarked on a series of Arabian adventures. She experienced incredible ups and desperately painful downs, forged lifelong friendships with some truly special people, and ate amazing food in the finest restaurants. Now settled back in her home country of England, this blog archive makes for interesting reading that is exceedingly useful for anyone considering travelling or moving to Qatar.


Doha News


Originally launched as a news service on Twitter, @dohanews was met with an audience hungry for more, and Doha News expanded into a daily news website offering high quality real-time news on Qatar. An excellent service for expats wanting to familiarise themselves with local happenings and staying abreast of current events.


Life With Karlly


Karen and Allyson are responsible for this Qatar based lifestyle blog (the name born out of an amalgamation of their names). Sharing many of the perks they have discovered when living in the United Arab Emirates, Life With Karlly is a great guide for people new to the area who are looking for a fun way to spend their hard earned free time.


Scary Azeri


Leaving behind her Azerbaijani life, this self-confessed 'scary' blogger tells life how it is. From learning about how her native culture fits into her new home to the unique challenges of expat life abroad, this is an entertaining blog full of quirky situations and thoughts on expat life, served with a side of humour.


Life On The Spot


Full of the practical answers an expat needs when considering a new home, Life On The Spot is an excellent resource for newly expatriated readers. From tips about housing in Qatar to the prevalence of popular TV streaming services in the kingdom, topics range from the Wage Protection Service to sending care packages to the author's home of the Philippines. Chris, Mavis and Xianelle share what Doha has to offer along with their hard-earned experience.


Dear Doha Diary


Living in Qatar since 2013, Pauline is an English rose immersing herself in Arabic culture, developing close friendships with locals and having micro-adventures in the kingdom of Qatar. Sharing her discoveries, her blog 'Dear Doha Diary' is a fascinating insight for any expats unsure what to expect when moving to Doha and for those of a more adventurous bent.


Nin's Travelog


Creating a travel journal as an expat with all its "side effects" of cultural shock, Nin's Travelog is about exploring, tales of life as an expat and a whole lot more. Written in a very easy to read tone - that of a good friend recounting escapades - after 10 years living in the Gulf, Nin has followed her husband back to England as a trailing spouse. However, her blog (in both English and Indonesian) has excellent posts - and a section dedicated to expat life - that makes this an invaluable read and resource.


Diary of a PMP Mom


These are the tales of an expat mum of 3 blending her Project Management Professional skills with motherhood. These posts share her trials, tribulations and lessons learned over years of expat life alongside the interesting task of raising children in a different culture. The tone is upbeat and honest, and topics often vary over different areas of life.


4 Kids, 20 Suitcases And A Beagle


Written warmly with a side of satire, '4 Kids, 20 Suitcases And A Beagle' is a brilliant assortment of inspiration, honest advice and thoughts about expat life. Having lived in Indonesia, Malaysia, Libya, Canada,the United States and now Qatar, Kirsty and her family have probably seen it all, done it all and sent global postcards to prove it. Not content with establishing her own expat networks, she also helps to connect lonely expats with each other around Asia.


Gypsy in the ME


She says her life is nothing exciting and that she's just a Canadian living in the Middle East, but reading her tales as she gets used to sand and sun it's obvious this just isn't the case. Writing honestly and straight from the heart, she tells of the times expats cry (in contrast to their upbeat social media accounts) and of the toughness of living so far from family with health problems - but she also shares how she overcame these challenges and how to face them, a necessary skill for anyone looking to relocate overseas.