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Getting Visas, Global Nomads, And Expat Guides

When you first make the decision to move abroad, especially if you’re doing it purely for love of your new destination, it can be easy to get swept along in the dreamy excitement of it all.

Unfortunately, however, there are still all the boring but necessary bits of expat life to deal with: paying taxes, sorting out your pension, and getting a visa.If you’ve moved to the UK, here’s how you go about getting a National Insurance number.

Here’s an expat guide to tax in France, and a follow-up guide that deals with pension plans there.

If you’re moving to the USA, make sure you have your banking situation sorted as much as possible before you arrive.

And, if you’ve been living in the UAE for a while and want to remain there, here’s how to renew your residence visa.

Of course, just deciding where to live can be a chore in itself. At the moment, property sales are increasing in Spain, but decreasing in the UK. Kathleen Peddicord has a useful guide to comparing the cost of living across various countries – making sure you’re comparing like with like.

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If you have your heart set on Barcelona, here’s a guide to renting property there.

An important question, particularly in the current climate: do we do enough to make expats feel welcome in the UK?

This week, we heard from Lyra in Vietnam, global nomad Julie, Catarina in the USA, and Gail in Portugal about their expat lives.

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We have some recommended social media accounts for you to follow if you’re moving to Russia, Qatar, Portugal, or Saudi Arabia.

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