The UK’s New Immigration Rules; Moving To Spain From Outside Europe; And Summer In France

Ahead of Brexit, the UK has some new immigration rules: find out how they might affect you.

If you’re moving to Spain but you’re coming from outside of the EU, Cat Gaa has some tips for you in our latest podcast.Loneliness is one of the main concerns people have about moving abroad. A recent survey has uncovered the best and worst locations for making new friends abroad – take a look to find out where you’ll fit in.

Columnist Rosemary Border Rabson welcomes the summer in France, and talks about some seasonal traditions.

If you’re moving to Cyprus, take a look at our guide to buying property there.

Finding a place to live is another major challenge of moving abroad. Take a look at our guides to finding the right neighbourhood in Hong Kong and renting property in Germany.

If you’d rather rent out a property than live in it full-time, we’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of buy-to-let properties in the Netherlands.

Finally, if you’re thinking about moving to Greece, find out here if you can apply for Greek citizenship by descent.

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