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A Closer Look At Europe – Some Of The Best Cities To Move To In 2018

  Posted Monday July 02, 2018 (17:15:29)   (3528 Reads)


If you’re looking to make a leap abroad and aren’t sure where to head, why not consider some of the wonderful cities Europe has to offer? Currency specialists FC Exchange take a look at the best cities to move to in 2018 to give you some inspiration.


Is it any surprise Berlin pops up in articles the world over as a great place to live? An appealing combination of glamour and urban excitement, Berlin makes a great destination for any expat. There’s an electric atmosphere and adventure around every corner, historical details you can uncover at a number of locations across the city, and delicious delicacies in bakeries, restaurants, and casual cafes where you can people watch.

Berlin could be for you if:

- You like a green lifestyle – recycling is a big part of life in this city, and there’s a plethora of parks and green spaces to enjoy.
- You want an affordable location – there are plenty of thrift stores to find hidden gems and free things to do and see.
- You want to be active – there are plenty of places to walk, as well as great opportunities to ride your bike around the city.
- You want to live somewhere where something’s always happening – from vibrant parties to underground nightlife, gallery openings, courses and workshops, talks, open-air festivals, quirky bars, and shows.
- You like efficient public transport – there’s no doubt about it, trains are rarely late, and you’ll find it easy to commute without getting caught up in delays. Berlin is definitely a city for efficient commuters.
- You love beer – Germany is a European hub renowned for its great beer, and Berlin has plenty on offer – some of it is even cheaper than buying a bottle of water!


Vienna really takes architecture up a notch – not only are around 60% of residents living in affordable public housing, they’re also living in style. The architecture of even the affordable housing is just simply stunning: some have sun-soaked rooftop pools, others have saunas, and around 5,000 new units are built each year.

Vienna could be for you if:

- You want to live somewhere with plans for gender equality – a policy called gender mainstreaming has allowed men and women to input how they use the city and what they’d like, which has resulted in some housing designed by women which include nurseries and medical facilities within the buildings, and differently designed parks and public spaces so everyone can access areas they need with ease.
- You want to live in a smart city – there are lots of electric vehicles and bikes as well as smart crowdfunding initiatives and utilisation of IT to make the city even better for its citizens.
- Excellent public transport – say hello to a vast network of buses, trains, subways, and trams to get around the city.


Days splashed with glorious sunshine, soft sand beaches minutes away, boats bobbing on the water, stunning views, and flavoursome food make Lisbon a great place to spend time. Lisbon has enough culture for you to get lost in: gorgeous theatres, open-air festivals, fabulous museums, and a gilded opera house to make you feel like you’re living in a different time. There’s a mix of the modern with contemporary neighbourhoods, cool city spots, and markets, against a backdrop of Sintra’s fairytale-esque fortress.

Lisbon might be for you if:

- You want warm weather with a breeze – Lisbon claims more sunny days than other destinations, including Rome, Athens, and Madrid, but its location means there’s usually a cool breeze.
- You love seafood – this is a great place for foodies to visit with plenty of places to dine al fresco looking out to the water. Beaches are close by meaning you can always escape the busy streets for a stretch on the sand.
- You want a city with soul – Lisbon is thought to be one of the oldest European capitals, and it’s got ancient neighbourhoods with character and style, meaning you can roam for hours and enjoy the views.


Prague is split into two – the old town where stunning architecture is at the heart of the city and the new town, where bright colours and beautiful shopfronts line the streets. Spending time in both areas is excellent and easy to get to via public transport – you’ll be able to enjoy some excellent traditional food, look around castles, and there’s always plenty of events and things to do.

Prague might be for you if:

- You like somewhere with quirky attractions – from the astrological clock to the bars fitted with beds for you to lounge around and enjoy some cocktails.
- You want to have some space – Prague isn’t a huge city, so you can either choose to live in the centre in an apartment, or you might want to head a little further out to the outskirts where you’ll be surrounded by countryside, and still be able to commute.
- You want to be somewhere where healthcare is important – Prague has an excellent healthcare system when citizens pay for health insurance, and medical fees are either very small or non-existent. You won’t even need to be referred to see a specialist; you can just book an appointment with the department you need to see. What’s more, fitness is important to people so whether you want to be outdoors undertaking a new activity, or spend time in the gym, you’ll be surrounded by lots of like-minded and active people.

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