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Expat Blogs > Belgium  (add a blog)


Life As Unusuals


Kerri is a blue-haired Brit (well, blue-haired this week) living life Brussels. A self-proclaimed scion of sarcasm, tattoo and rock enthusiast and proud owner of Sir Pork Chop, a hamster with a plastic castle of fun, her blog Life As Unusuals charts the everyday amusements of their life in Belgium away from the usual expat bubble.


Why I Am Not Skinny


Why Am I Not Skinny is a journal of delicious Belgian foodie destinations, family adventures and meal descriptions that defy the inventors of food-television. Maxine is a South African living in Belgium and loving its foibles whilst sharing her favourite tidbits such as "butter dips, think golden butter crusted bread that has *tasty* written all over them". As she says, meals are made for enjoyment after all!


Belgian Smaak


Exploring the world of Belgian beer and chocolate, Breandán and Elisa are award winning foodies bringing a taste (or 'smaak') of Irish wit to the metaphorical table. Sharing their experiences, favourite flavours and a recipe or two, this is a fascinating blog - but perhaps one to avoid if on a diet...


Simon Says


Enmeshed in the world of public administration by day, Simon is a British dad travelling the world every chance he can with his family. Sharing global adventures focused on food, slipping in the occasional pun and childhood memory, Simon Says is a lovely medley of adventures.


Belgian Waffling


Mourning her loss of regular pots of British tea, a price seemingly worth paying for the right to wear necklaces garlanded with golden croissants, Belgian Waffling is the ongoing tale of an author, her chickens and life in Brussels. Peppered with strong language, this is a no holds barred window into expat life - and full of creatively shared scenarios that are hard to put down.


La Petite Rose A Bruxelles


Currently wrestling with being allocated the 'expat wife' label, La Petite Rose à Bruxelles is tracing Charlotte's new expat life in the Belgian capital.

Featuring a whole blog subsection on life as an expat, brunch recommendations and snapshots of family visits, the chance to share in journey of this petite rose is going to be an interesting one.


A trainee in Brussels


My name is Mariana and I am a 25 years old Portuguese lawyer who decided to come to Brussels to live the "European dream". I am currently a trainee in the European Commission and had the idea of creating this website not only to share tips with future candidates regarding the application process for this traineeship, but also to share a bit of how life is like in Brussels.




The expat guide for eating, shopping, living and discovering Belgium.

Read more about this blogger's expat life in Belgium.