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Expat Blogs > Hungary  (add a blog)


Budapest Daily Photo


Singaporian Zannie, and her Hungarian husband Zolt, have been recording their joint adventures together on this blog since 2007. Photograph filled (as you would expect), the blog shows the various sights of the city. You will find much more here than simple tourist shots, and you’ll find a good dose of history in there too. Expansions to the original blog include a great selection of traditional Hungarian recipes as well as your must-see guide to Budapest, both additions that are useful to the traveller and expat alike.


Crafting Wine, Life And Home In Hungary


Kevin, a serial expat from America, has called Hegymagas, Hungary his expat home since 2007. Working towards becoming a master vintner, this blog is heavy with all things wine related, educational and amusing anecdotes that come along with using foreign methods in his own vineyard. A self-confessed introvert, he is well aware that he is not the kind of American his Hungarian town were expecting, but his determination to make his passion profitable has endeared him to his new home. He possesses a keen wit and a dry sense of humour that makes reading about his life in the vineyard very entertaining.


Helsinki Budapest


A cross-cultural upbringing gives this French passport holder a unique perspective when it comes to her adopted home. Her blog is a part of her journey of self-discovery, of identity and exploration of the city of Budapest via the medium of pictures. Belonging is a strong theme throughout her posts and she aims to add her voice to the many other expats and individuals living across cultures, even if just to say ‘you are not alone’. An interesting and entertaining look at life from the prospective of a grown-up third culture kid.


Traveling Seouls


Betty provides an Asian American perspective on living the expat life in Budapest. A serial expat herself, she shares all her tips on what to see, what to eat, and where to shop. As a parent she blogs tips on education, bilingualism and travelling internationally with young children, and shares just how much living abroad has been a life altering experience for all of the family.


Travels With Myself


A retired teacher who lives in Budapest and travels frequently around Europe, Gary’s posts are in-depth and informative, with photos that allow the reader to see the world through his eyes. If you’re thinking about visiting - or living in - Europe but aren’t yet sure which part you’d like to go to, Gary’s blog will give you a short intro to lots of different countries, with a focus on Hungary.


Unpacking My Bottom Drawer In Budapest


Another blog by an expat based in Budapest, Unpacking My Bottom Drawer provides a look around Budapest and the surrounding areas, from the local architecture to the award-winning wine festivals. If you enjoy home improvements, DIY or decorating, take a look at the categories along the top of the site, which provide a glimpse into the blogger’s apartment and thoughts on making a house into a home.


The Other Side Of The World


Kimberly is an American expat who currently lives in Budapest. She writes about daily life in Hungary, from the ‘ruin-pubs’ - pubs made from bombed-out buildings from WWII - to the local markets, and the other European countries that can easily be travelled to from Hungary itself. Kimberly supplements her posts with a lot of photos, so The Other Side Of The World really gives you a glimpse into what it’s actually like to be in Budapest.


Crafting Wine, Life And Home In Hungary


Are you thinking of moving to Hungary and setting up a vineyard, or at least growing your own produce? Then this is a good place to look around for tips and inspiration. A biologist who has been living in Hungary since 2007, the author writes about wine-making, falconry, and life in general. Take a look at the videos to get an even better idea of what life is like as an expat in Hungary.


An American In Budapest


Phil is a teacher and author who moved from California to Budapest, where he now teaches the third grade.

His blog provides a useful and interesting look at day to day life there, with posts about local events, recipes and Hungarian history. If you want to get an idea of the culture and background of the country without having to read long, dry articles, this is a great place to start.