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Expat Blogs > Ireland  (add a blog)


The Strayling


From UK to Canada to Ireland - a Finnish serial migrant hopping from one adventure to another. The blog follows my spontaneous travels across the globe as the writer stumbles upon the unpredictable reality of moving to a new country. Speaking 6 languages already and hoping to fold a few more into my linguistic quiver, life is never going to be boring with a strayling.




Leaving behind a high-flying broadcasting career for the smile of an Irish farmer and a pair of wellies, Imen is discovering new passions for an idyllic ancient farm, the lure of delicious homemade delicacies and the moos of contented cows. With a whole section of posts on settling into Irish life and each post plumped with mouthwatering photography, Farmette is a tough blog to set aside.


Karen O Huber


Writing lyrically on culture, expat life, motherhood, travel and home, the stories shared by Karen of her family crew and a dog called Cocoa are must reads. Her post on 'How to live and how not to live in Ireland' is especially handy, full of real life advice great for those looking to move to Ireland.


Herding Cats


Spending much of her time avoiding housework and chasing after a small dog, Phoebe is a Mom of four kids with a passion for writing. Herding Cats is her diary of adventures around the beautiful fields of Ireland, kids in tow.


Looking For Blue Sky


Solo Mum of 3 beautiful kids, this Brit in Ireland has lived in the Emerald Isle for over 20years. Her blog Looking For Blue Sky is a moving account of her challenges and celebrations as a full time carer. Full of honesty, passion and incredible practical tips, her personality shines through each word.


Five Suitcases


Five Suitcases is the travel writing collection of Cory, an Iowan living in Ireland. A professional writer, he shares his adventures around the world (and the occasional cat spotting in Europe) with a side of his best tips for exploring Dublin.


Nearly Irish


Full of expat musings on friendship, parenthood and the occasional weird comments she gets as a French import, Nearly Irish? is refreshing breath of air. Amongst other peculiarities, Anne has found herself picking new habits after 13 years in the land of leprechauns that will prove fascinating for people moving to Ireland.


Sara Sees


Promising readers a whole lot of wanderings and what not, Sara Sees is a collection of tales from a Louisiana native living in Dublin. With a monthly roundup of happenings, fantastic recommendations for budget-conscious travellers and an infectious smile, the positive vibes of Sara's expat life are irresistable.


Bea In Ireland


Raised in California (with a short stint in Chile), nearly 10 years in Italy and now going on a year and a half in Dublin, Ireland, Beatriz isn't joking when she calls herself a serial expat. Blogging her passions - travel, food, drink, people, and culture - she is sharing her journey in the land of four-leaf clovers with a special emphasis on expat experiences.


40 Shades Of Life


With an entire subsection of expat tales on her blog, Evin expounds upon life lessons in the Emerald Isle with musings on queues at the ATM, betting on anything and everything, bread bag ties and how much hugs can cost as an expat...