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Netherlands (Holland)

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Netherlands (Holland)



A love letter to Amsterdam, Amsterdamian is Dana's cornucopia of beautiful streets, wanderlust inducing photography and a taste of local life. Established in early 2011 and full of recommendations, experiences and the thoughts of an expat, the diary-like entries are a windows onto expat life.

Netherlands (Holland)

The European Mama


Originally from Warsaw Poland, Olga is mama to 3 trilingual children and speaks an incredible 5 languages. Sharing (in English) her musings on parenting, sharing her favorite recipes and painting stories of travel, European Mama is an eye-opener to adventures in the Netherlands.

Netherlands (Holland)

Expat Life With A Double Buggy


Having lived in the Netherlands for over 15 years, Amanda is a seasoned pro at dealing with the foibles of expat life all whilst bringing up 3 little lads. Experiencing culture shock, learning to be flexible and the real lesson that expat life isn't a holiday, this is a wonderful read for anyone thinking that changing lives is a piece of (apple) pie.

Netherlands (Holland)

A Nether Ending Story


Titled with shades of the Labyrinth, A Nether Ending story is a fascinating Tumblr of everyday life in the Netherlands. Filled with brief thoughts, snaps of the furred (and human) locals and musings of Mary, an American English technology educator, the honest ups and downs of expat life are there for all to enjoy alongside her.

Netherlands (Holland)

Dutch Dutch Goose


Moving with her family from Colorado to Amsterdam, Elizabeth and her clan traded their hiking boots for rain boots and share their beautifully photographed journal of expat life. Loading their up bicycles with panniers of kids' stuff and surviving uniquely expat emergencies, this blog is a must read especially for famillies who love to travel.

Netherlands (Holland)

Godful Food


Sharing her expat story via the medium of food, Anya's blog is not only a feast for the eyes, but also the senses. Whilst not a religious tome, Godful Food is a lovely stroll through life in Amsterdam through Russian eyes. (Warning: not a blog to read whilst hungry.)

Netherlands (Holland)

The Adventures Of Amsterdam's Shallowest Man


Featuring a plethora of advice, and a healthy serving of straight up honesty, The Adventures of Amsterdam's Shallowest Man is a hilarious romp through the streets and canals of the Netherlands. With topics like Dutch dating, classes in Dutch slang and a rather pointed series of posts on fashion, this is an excellent guide to the essentials of settling seamlessly into a new home.

Netherlands (Holland)

Expat Since Birth


This blog boasts the rather incredible sub-title 'a blog by a multilingual expat-since-birth, mum of three, living in the Netherlands and writing about multilingualism, multiculturalism, parenting abroad and international life'. With an entire section on expat life, real life advice for parenting third culture kids and an excletic mix of culture, Ute's blog is an excellent resource for anyone looking to move abroad.

Netherlands (Holland)

UnClogged In Amsterdam


Exploring the hidden gems, sexy secrets and colorful culture of Amsterdam's "global village," Melissa has happily forsaken Southern California's unending sunshine for a soggy patch on the European continent. Full of brilliant puns, local culture and what not to do in Amsterdam, UnClogged in Amsterdam is a lovely multifaceted read.

Netherlands (Holland)

Invading Holland


An incredibly funny and often pathos filled account of 15 years in Amsterdam, illustrated with witty cartoons.

Striding about the Dutch nation (well, often hobbling due to being so very accident prone) this tea-drinking Englishman (mis)adventures his way around life as he learns how to be a touch more Dutch everyday.