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Nine In Ten Expats Feel Isolated

Posted on Thursday October 10, 2019 (11:04:14)

This World Mental Health Day, new research suggests that many expats have struggled with life overseas.

Research by AXA – Global Healthcare reveals that almost nine in ten (87%) expats have felt isolated during their time abroad, with half (48%) of those saying that missing friends and family was the primary reason.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update September 2019

Posted on Thursday September 26, 2019 (15:12:49)

Long-Term Healthcare Rights Not Guaranteed For Expats After Brexit

As the Brexit deadline looms closer, British expats living abroad are increasingly feeling concerned about whether their healthcare arrangements will still be in place.

The S1 form has been the port of call for expats in the EU for many years now, but in the event of a no-deal Brexit there is currently no firm guidance on what will happen to this.   more ...


How To Look After Your Mental Health When Moving Abroad For Work

Posted on Monday September 09, 2019 (14:39:08)

When you move to another country, you can be so busy organising everything, so intent on getting to grips with your new location, and so focused on getting your feet on the ground that it can hard to set time aside for self-care. Even those with a regular self-care routine can find themselves feeling a range of complex emotions after moving to a new country.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update August 2019

Posted on Monday August 19, 2019 (16:35:20)

New safety report from Riskline targets female expats

A series of travel safety report aimed at female expats and business travellers have been unveiled by travel advisors Riskline. With more than 220 countries and regions being covered, researchers have provided details of local laws and customs, as well as safety concerns.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update July 2019

Posted on Tuesday July 23, 2019 (15:34:23)

More expats accessing mental health help

Growing numbers of expats are accessing mental health support with preventative healthcare increasingly being one of the benefits they need the most, one organisation reveals.

The Health Insurance Group (HIG) says the top three benefits being used by expats working overseas are psychiatric care, wellness and diagnostic procedures/MRI and testing.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update June 2019

Posted on Tuesday June 25, 2019 (14:47:21)

Expat men are worried about their healthcare

Since moving overseas, four in five male expats say they have had to access healthcare, research has revealed. The findings from AXA-Global Healthcare highlights that 84% of male expats living overseas have used local health services.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update May 2019

Posted on Monday May 20, 2019 (10:56:15)

Expats in South Korea will need national health insurance

The South Korean government has revealed that all expats living in the country for more than six months will now need to enrol in the country's national health insurance service. The new scheme begins in July, the Ministry of Health and Welfare states, and is aimed at those employees who do not have health insurance provided by their employer. Previously, expats needed to enrol if they were remaining in South Korea for longer than three months.   more ...


Expat Focus Healthcare Update April 2019

Posted on Monday April 22, 2019 (12:28:35)

LGBT expat advice after Brunei move

Following the introduction of the death penalty for those in a same-sex relationship in Brunei, one worldwide health and risk management solutions firm is offering advice to employers who may have LGBT employees working in or travelling to the country.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update March 2019

Posted on Tuesday March 19, 2019 (13:33:26)

Expats in the UK need to pay for healthcare

Expats, as well as visitors, heading to the UK will need to pay upfront for any NHS treatment they may need if they are not entitled to free healthcare. New rules have been unveiled in a bid to prevent medical tourism, so anyone accessing healthcare will need to show identification proving that they can receive it for free.   more ...


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update February 2019

Posted on Monday February 18, 2019 (18:53:43)

British expats warned to get health insurance

British expats who are living in the European Union have been warned that they should consider buying health insurance coverage should a no-deal Brexit occur.

The warning comes from Ministers who are part of a special Brexit committee; they say that the NHS will not be able to fund health treatments under a no-deal scenario and that expats will need private health insurance instead. That's because should the expat fall ill after Brexit then they will have to pay for any health treatment or medicines they receive.   more ...

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