Who’s Winning The Bilingual Battle Now?

Some of you may have read my previous article about the battle I‘ve had on my hands to teach my Spanish kids English. Well, thankfully in the last month I have seen a vast improvement, and I’d like to share a few tips which might help you improve your bilingual children’s level of English. Just … Read more

4 Things I’ve Learnt Since Being An Expat Dad

I’m a dad of two lovely Spanish kids. I say lovely because that’s what they are 90% of the time, the other 10% they can be complete devils. I enjoy being a dad, and the longer I am one, the more I love it. I enjoy the responsibility of bringing them up, seeing them laugh … Read more

Bringing Up Bilingual Children Just Isn’t That Easy

Bringing up two Spanish kids to be bilingual is immensely harder than I expected. Since arriving in Seville, back in 2005, I’ve spoken to many British expats about getting their kids to be completely bilingual and have come across a vast range of experiences.One guy I know has two teenage daughters and he’s happy with … Read more

Be Careful Of Dodgy Estate Agents In Spain

The process of buying a house in your own country is stressful enough. So add the complications of having to learn new house and bank related vocabulary in another language, figuring out the different laws and processes, plus the fact that in Spain there are a lot of corrupt money thieving estate agents, then there’s … Read more

Hats Off To Spain’s Baby Popping Out Team

Whether you’re a future Mum or Dad to be, nine months is a long time to play with ones uncontrollable imagination. The older I get, the more I worry. I suppose because you realise just how cruel life can be at times, so I rarely let my guard down these days. So when my wife … Read more

Did You Become An Expat For Love?

One minute I was on a plane heading for Sevilla to try to learn Spanish, and the next I’m watching a stunning Spanish lady walking down the aisle towards me, yes me, to become my wife, wondering, how the hell did that happen? And to think, I wasn’t even intending on staying in Spain for … Read more

Onwards And Upwards

2014 was a revolutionary year for me, and a turning point in my life. For ages I’d been toying with the idea of going back to England, or moving from Sevilla to another city, preferably a less traditional one, or just one with a beach, but during last year a few things clicked into place … Read more

You Can’t Beat Christmas With Your Own Kind

Boy am I glad to be heading back to London for Christmas. Last year I spent Christmas in Seville, not really through choice, but we’d just had a baby and decided it would be better not to fly back, mainly because of Mr Jack Frost, but also because the only airline with free flights was … Read more