The Hague: An Ideal Place To Learn… English?

The Netherlands scored 23rd place on the Internations survey and 27th in the Expat Explorer ranking of best places for expats. The (less than tropical) weather and the Dutch language are two reasons for the lower rank. But in fact, the weather isn’t worse than London and this country is, curiously, an excellent place for … Read more

3 Dynamic Labels For Mobile Women Who Don’t Trail

Bernice landed herself a full time job with a Nigerian Internet start-up six months after arriving in Lagos; Susan was the (volunteer) 2015 Chairwoman of Small World, the massive yearly event that raises thousands of dollars for charities around Lagos; Gill came here with the intention of taking a break from her HR career, but … Read more

How A Dutch Dream Came True In Nigeria

Micky Nijboer strides through the Saddle Club with contagious enthusiasm. ‘Let me show you around this little piece of paradise.’ The 9-hectare oasis lies in the pounding heart of Lagos – one of the world’s most densely crowded megacities. Outside the perimeter wall, car horns, street hawkers and truck motors screech and roar. But tranquillity … Read more

‘My Way’ Is The Hard Way

In the back of the Land Cruiser, “Claire” and her husband rolled up to the gate of their apartment complex after a dinner out. The driver flashed the car’s lights. They waited. He tentatively honked. They waited. Finally, a guard opened the gate, zipping up his trousers. Claire was incensed. This is Lagos – it … Read more

World Peace – One Friendship At A Time

Batool Accad was the only one of the five panellists at the workshop wearing a hijab: coral pink from head to toe that drew attention to her gentle face and striking grey eyes. Though born in Syria, she grew up in Kuwait. Her parents were members of the well-educated Middle Eastern expatriate community giving her … Read more

A Band Aid For Ebola

It’s a sad rendition of a song I never liked. I listened to it on YouTube when all the hoo-hah about the rehash of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ started up. Let’s just say that I’m glad I don’t live somewhere where I’d hear it endlessly on the radio. But the song isn’t meant to … Read more

Expat Partner Careers

Having a paid job is not an economic necessity for some partners of expatriate employees: the salary and benefits earned by the working partner make dual incomes unnecessary. Not having to work is, in a sense, a luxury, right? Yes it is, except if you want to work. In this case, the international lifestyle can … Read more

Uncertainty In Expatriation: The Case Of Ebola

On 25 July, news of the death from Ebola of one Liberian man in a private clinic in Lagos sent shockwaves through the country. The Liberian had withheld from the medical staff the fact that he had been in contact with Ebola sufferers in Liberia. As a result, several medical staff were contaminated, the hospital … Read more

It’s All About The People

You can go to the best party in the world, with your favourite music, the most succulent food in the most amazing venue, and still have a terrible time – if you are alone, for instance, or you have a fight with the person you are with. This is because the quality of our experience … Read more

Home Is Where My Hairdresser Is

Yesterday I went to a newly discovered hairdresser and came home elated beyond what should be normal for a simple haircut and highlights. It wasn’t just the fact that this was the first time in my three years on the Cote d’Azure that I didn’t walk out of the salon repeating ‘it will grow, it … Read more