The Backpacker That Stayed – The Accidental Expat

I love hearing people’s stories of how they ended up where they happen to now live. Expat and travel stories are especially interesting, because while they can seem like very random life choices and navigation to an outsider, there always tends to be a clarity and a purpose to how things unfold. So the traditional […]

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How To Really Date And Love An Expat Woman – 7 Keys To Her Heart

It does not matter where you are from and what culture you represent. There is an emerging universal theme I’ve noticed when speaking to single expat women all over the world and of all ages (including my internal dialogue for the past few months as a single expat woman) and it’s time someone put together […]

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Seven Things All Expats Need To Stop Apologising For – Right Now!

We all come across challenges and expats are certainly no exception to this. But when things get tricky we start to feel that well-known guilt building up inside and shortly thereafter we feel the need to apologise. For lots of things. Especially to the people we love and miss a lot.The interesting thing is that […]

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