…and the livin’ is, well, not exactly easy but manageable with the requisite forbearance needed when living in these parts. Yes, after a few weeks of very pleasant spring weather we were instantly swamped by the sweat-inducing, energy-sapping ambience of a Hong Kong summer, trademarked by sweaty armpits, sodden back and an unfortunately damp seat, … Read more

Return Of The Tourists

Yes, the tourists have returned to our little bit of Chianti, although mostly from northern Europe, Dutch, Belgian, German, Polish and Austrian. These are the few that we are aware of, there may be lots more nationalities in Florence and Siena. So, our tourist industry friends are sighing with relief and are even taking some … Read more

Know Your Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza, with its soft, melt-in-your-mouth dough and a thick and puffy crust has been prepared in Naples, Italy since the year 1725 as simple and traditional street food. Today, this style of pizza is considered ‘the real deal’.Following Italian migration in the 19th and 20th centuries, pizza has grown to become an international symbol … Read more

The Morvan Under Lockdown

Here in the Morvan we have all been labouring under lockdown. The Mairie has issued us all with washable face masks. It is advised, but not obligatory, to wear masks in situations such as shops. There is a wealth of advice on line for DIY masks and I have seen people wearing beautiful creations they … Read more

The Reawakening

Welcome and benvenuti to all my lovely readers around the world. Well, the biggest change since I last spoke to you is the opening of all the borders here in Italy! Yes, it is now possible to travel the length and breadth of Italy as long as you stick to the rules; masks, distancing and … Read more

Lockdown In The Morvan

Here in the Morvan we have all been labouring under lockdown, although I have yet to hear of a single case of the virus in our neighbourhood. Last week les pompiers rushed our friend Anne to hospital in Nevers with acute peritonitis. Her surgery went well and she is out of danger, but she is … Read more

Italian Islands’ Enogastronomy Unveiled

Today we will tempt our taste buds as we journey from the island of Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the ‘toe’ of Italy’s ‘boot’, and home to Mount Etna, one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes, to the island of Sardinia, with its rugged landscape dotted with thousands of ‘Nuraghi’ and … Read more

Unlockdown in Beautiful Tuscany

Welcome and benvenuti to all my lovely readers around the world. Well, it’s a peculiar thing, this semi lockdown time. Here in Tuscany, we are enjoying a second week of phase two, many people have gone back to work and a few more shops have reopened.But it is also a difficult time to write about. … Read more

Flavours Reflect The Sea And The Land

Today we will tempt your taste buds as we journey through southern Italy. Starting in Molise, often forgotten but full of surprises; to Campania, the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet; across to Apulia, the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’; Basilicata, whose regional capital was the European Capital of Culture in 2019; and finish in Calabria, the … Read more

Locked Down

The Rabsons are sociable souls, who in an ideal world would be planning a party to celebrate 15 glorious years in the Morvan. Our 10th anniversary bash was a triumph. In normal circumstances the invitations would be in the post or email, Charity Cottage would be packed solid and we would be preparing a feast … Read more