Writing Your Career Narrative Abroad

Being an expat is a promising new start where you get to carve out your life and career abroad, in a brand new place with brand new experiences. How amazing! Did I mention it’s terrifying too? Maybe your “uh oh” moment came once you got on the plane or a few weeks after you relocated, … Read more

Why You Should Start an Expat Blog… Now

Everyone’s starting a blog these days. The only requirement is that you have something to say, and that the “something” offers actual value to your readers. As an expat who’s experienced career change, the upheaval and relocation of your life, and all the details, tricks, roadblocks, and funny stories along the way, I’m here to … Read more

Nine Expat Career Lies You Need to Overcome

Every single struggle we experience on a daily basis; every complaint, every dissatisfaction, every career problem or personal battle can be drilled down into a single source: the big, fat and limiting lies we tell ourselves. You see those limiting beliefs become a second nature for most, and in fact are holding us down and … Read more

The Biggest Expat Career Mistakes

Career change is scary, let alone in a foreign country. There are various challenges, setbacks, unexpected surprises and bumps along the way… and you cannot control most of them. But there are some things that are under your direct responsibility, yet I see so many expats around me make the same mistakes over and over … Read more