Dealing With Culture Shock In Argentina – Some Advice For New Expats

Expats love living in Argentina because of its exciting culture that is deeply rooted in family. The customs and traditions that make up Argentinean culture come from various immigrant communities that settled in the country over the years. The Argentines are known to be hospitable and enjoy bonding over food and entertainment. Although Argentina is … Read more

Moving To Argentina – What To Expect As A New Expat

With its growing economy, business opportunities and laidback lifestyle, Argentina continues to attract expats from all over the world. Here’s what you can expect as a new expat in Argentina. Health services Argentina is known to have far better healthcare services that the other countries in South America. Expats can avail of private and public … Read more

Damon Wilson, Córdoba

Who are you? My name is Damon. I’m 33 and was born in the United States in the San Francisco bay area in a city called Santa Rosa. For the last 10 years I have lived in San Francisco which continues to be my favorite city in the world. I’m an industrial engineer by trade … Read more

Mark Daniels, Buenos Aires

Who are you? I am an Englishman who has been living in Buenos Aires for the best part of five years. Over the past decade or so my travels have taken me from Australia to Argentina, Botswana to Brazil, and Namibia to Nepal, among other places. During this time I have worked in sports shops … Read more

Connor Davies, Buenos Aires

My name is Connor Davies and I’m originally from the UK. Back in 2005 I decided to go traveling in South America, mainly just to see the world and experience new things. Despite great plans to see the entire continent, I ended up in Argentina after just a few months and have been living in … Read more

Dealing with a Cash Culture in Argentina

by Connor Davies Living in a cashless society where cell phones and plastic are the only forms of payment seems nearer than ever. Or at least, it does if you live in the West. But over here in Argentina, it seems a very long way off indeed.Mobile wallets might as well remain in the realms … Read more

Making the Move to San Rafael, Argentina

by Dan Hathway It seems like San Rafael in Argentina is the growth region for expats at the moment and I’ve read with interest some of the articles posted on this site’s forums by Neil, who too chose to make the switch from the UK. I moved to San Rafael with my Argentine wife (Laura, … Read more

Argentina’s booming economy

by Neil Rushen Hello from Argentina! I`ve decided to pop a few articles together to give you a few reasons to consider moving to Argentina, starting with the economic outlook out here. Over the next few weeks when I can put time aside from my busy social life we`ll be looking at the social scene, … Read more