The Realities Of Life In Rural France

 Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus Podcast. Are you subscribed to the Expat Focus channel on YouTube? We’re approaching our first milestone of 1,000 subscribers. You can help us reach it, by searching ‘Expat Focus’ and hitting that red ‘subscribe’ button. Do you have your eye on a rundown old property … Read more

Malaika Neri, Paris

Who are you? Hey! My name is Malaika Neri, and I’m an Indian-born expat in Paris, France. Paris has been my home for the last five years – with a break of two years when I cycled from Alaska to Argentina. I was born and raised in India, then moved to the US for my … Read more

The Pension Problem For Australian And French Expats

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with another episode of the Expat Focus Podcast. The camera’s coming back on, and I have two guests joining me for this one, so if you want to watch as well as listen, head over to YouTube and search Expat Focus – and don’t forget to subscribe. Do you know … Read more

Finding Your Confidence When Learning A Foreign Language

Carlie: Hello there, it’s Carlie with another episode of the Expat Focus podcast. I’ve got the camera on for this one, so search for ‘Expat Focus’ on YouTube if you want to watch as well as listen. And don’t forget to subscribe. My guest today is Alex, a language coach with a YouTube channel called … Read more

Health Insurance In France: A Guide For American Expats

Moving abroad is a tricky proposition from all angles, but healthcare is one of the main worries people state when they are considering making an intercontinental move. If you’re moving from the USA to France, you might be wondering about the quality of healthcare available, how to sign up to the healthcare system there, and … Read more

Thérèse Lafleche, France

Who are you? Thérèse Lafleche, a mother of two, wife, and gypsy soul. Born in Canada, I have had a strong sense of wanderlust since the age of 16 and first remember wanting to travel when I was six and saw a globe in my uncle’s office. I am also the founder of Passport Lifestyles. … Read more

How To Get The Covid Vaccine As An Expat In France

If you are an expat resident in France, you are likely to be wondering about how your expat status affects your place in France’s Covid vaccination programme. Will you be entitled to the vaccine, and what will it depend on? Do you need to be registered with the public healthcare system, do you need a … Read more

February in the Morvan

We love Cervon! We have lived at Maré le Bas in the commune of Cervon since 2005. This magnificent poster (pictured above) celebrating Cervon recently appeared on our local notice boards. I hope it will encourage some of you to visit when le confinement (which conveys the pain of parturition with none of the joy) … Read more

A Christmas Story

I am typing this on 2nd January 2021, and there is good news and bad news. Let’s leave it to the media to discuss the bad news. Among the good news here in France is that we are no longer compelled, every time we leave the house, to carry an Attestation de Déplacement Dérogatoire signed … Read more

December In The Morvan

Type CHRISTMAS into your search box and you will see that what we call Christmas today is essentially a pagan midwinter festival, which was adopted by the early Christians to coincide with the (supposed) birth of Jesus. In December, Jews celebrate Hanukkah, their eight-day festival of lights. Digression That calls to mind a limerick. “A … Read more

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