November In The Morvan

I am typing this on October 30th 2020. I have just looked up my earlier November effusions. Those were the days! At 8 pm last night, President Macron announced the reimposition of lockdown – le confinement. So, once again, we must all carry an Attestation de Déplacement Dérogatoire every time we leave the house. We … Read more

Heritage Days

We always look forward to the Journées du Patrimoine – European Heritage Days – during the third weekend in September. You can visit the European Heritage Days website here. European Heritage Days enable us to visit public and private buildings, including some which are rarely open to the public. For many years, friends, family and … Read more

September In The Morvan

Another free library The free library in Corbigny, which I featured in my August effusion, prompted John’s brother, David, to send this picture of the one in his village in the West Country. He wrote: “I am sure that you remember the Great British red telephone box. Due to the rise of the mobile phone, … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In France

In terms of banking, there are a few options open to expats living in France. Some choose to maintain an existing account in their home country, which can be useful for things like paying recurring bills back home. Others choose to open an international account with their existing bank, which may eliminate or reduce penalties … Read more

How To Learn The Language In France

If you are intending to move to France to live and work, and are not currently a French speaker, how easy will you find it to communicate in the country? How widespread is the use of English throughout France? Which languages will you need in the workplace? We will answer some of your questions below.The … Read more

How To Rent Or Buy Property In France

If you are looking to move to France, then you will need to consider your options in terms of accommodation. This article will take you through the renting process, as well as the buying process, from start to finish.Renting property There are three main options for those wanting to rent property in France. 1. Private … Read more

Nikki McArthur, Toulouse

Who are you? My name is Nikki McArthur, I moved to France from the UK back in 2004 with my husband and three children.We now have five children (the two youngest were born in France). I’m a freelance proofreader / document formatter and run several other businesses with my husband and eldest son. Where, when … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In France

Long-term residence in France is tied up with your type of visa; see ‘Residency’ below. Rules for work permits vary depending on your country of origin; see ‘Work Permits’ below. Citizens of a country in the European Union or the European Economic Area can enter and remain in France as a tourist for any length … Read more

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