Alena Rakytova, Dublin

Who are you? I’m a 34 year old Slovak girl (I write a ‘girl’ and not a ‘woman’ because I still feel very young), who lives in Ireland. I’ve just finished my bachelor’s studies here: in languages, linguistics and culture. This was not the first time I studied though – I really like studying! I … Read more

Matt Bisp, Dublin

Who are you? My name is Matt Bisp, and I’m a thirty nine year old male originally from Bristol in the south west of England. I am married to a beautiful Irish girl and have three perfect (most of the time) children, one aged seven, one aged five and the youngest aged two – all … Read more

Where to Live in Dublin – A Guide for Expat Professionals

Dublin, the most populous city in Ireland, has attained more and more of an international character as this century has progressed, now being listed as an “Alpha-” city in the prestigious rankings of the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Though unlikely to ever reach the “Alpha ++” plateau that is lorded over by New … Read more

The Celtic Tiger Economy – Signs of a Re-Emergence?

During a period spanning roughly 1995 to 2008, when the global financial crisis erupted, Ireland experienced a period of unprecedented economic growth. This was seen as being due to a convergence of different factors including a low corporate taxation rate, the local establishment of branches of major technological companies (e.g. Intel, Microsoft), and an increased … Read more