Should Expats Be Concerned About the Italian Economy?

In recent years, Italy has seemed to outside observers like a country in constant, chaotic flux, with the recent governmental transition being major proof of this. The recent chaotic general election in the country, which generated no fewer than five inconclusive ballots, finally ended on April 20 with the re-election of Giorgio Napolitano. However, it … Read more

The Current Employment Situation for Expats in Italy

In a similar vein to the rest of the world, Italy is experiencing challenging times during the current economic climate, with regards to employment opportunities and the financial crisis. Unemployment is at an all-time high and the recovery has been slow for the country. Expats will be interested to hear that the North has far … Read more

Discovering The Food Of Southern Italy

by Amy Lucinda An article on Italian food. Where on earth do I start?! The country that’s famous for passion, fashion and food. And probably fashionable food made with passion. Now, I could just write a list of adjectives to describe Italian food, which basically all mean ‘amazing’. But as effective as that may be … Read more

John P Brady, Sicily

Sicily, for some a paradise island, for others a place to emigrate from, for me it was my new home. I sketch this to give the reader some idea of the cultural differences and challenges that might face an expat on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. I struck out alone for Catania, Sicily at the … Read more

Amy Lucinda, Puglia (Southern Italy)

I moved from the UK to a small town in Southern Italy (Puglia) to take a position as an English teacher in a private school. I’ve been living here almost 2 years. Living in a small town, there’s a distinct lack of expat activity! My boss and my two colleagues are native English speakers, but … Read more

Jill Pennington, Emilia Romagna region

My name is Jill Pennington, I am 44 and have been living in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy for 8 years. I was born in Holmfirth West Yorkshire. My husband and I decided after renovating a house in the UK that we would like to try out a renovation project abroad and we thought … Read more

Andrew Smith, Turin

My name is Andrew Smith. I moved to Turin Italy in 1998 together with my wife Maria. Maria is of Italian origin and wanted to return to Italy and I was enough to be transferred by the company I worked for at the time to their Turin office. What challenges did you face during the … Read more

Sarah and Tony, Piemonte

I am Sarah, married to Tony. We have a daughter (Axa Elisabeth, born 2005) and a son (Raj Dominique, born 2007). We are originally from San Diego. I home-school our children and my husband does marketing for an Italian company. We first moved to Italy in 2008. Tony is of Italian descent, and I’ve always … Read more

Stef and Nico, Oltrepo Pavese

I am Stef (male, 50 years of age, only just), married to Nico (male, almost 60), both born in The Netherlands and a couple since 1985 (prehistoric times). We moved to Italy in 2008 after staying at Pavia for half a year, for reasons of study (medieval history). In these 6 months we found our … Read more

Carol and Tony Evans, Arco Felice

We are Carol & Tony Evans, both British and come from Hull in northern England and we have been married for 28 years. We have two Chinese Chow Chows. Tony has a son to his first marriage that lives in France with his partner and two children. Before leaving England, Carol was a doctor’s receptionist … Read more

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