Romania – Vehicle Maintenance, Repairs, and Breakdown Recovery

Regular Vehicle Inspection Rules in Romania In Romania, all vehicles are required to undergo a periodic vehicle inspection, commonly referred to as the Periodic Technical Inspection (Inspec»õia TehnicƒÉ PeriodicƒÉ, or ITP). The frequency of the inspection depends on the age of the vehicle. Vehicles less than three years old are exempt from the inspection. Vehicles … Read more

Romania – Taxation

The Taxation System in Romania The taxation system in Romania is regulated by the Romanian Tax Code, which defines the types of taxes that must be paid by individuals and businesses. The system is divided into two categories: direct taxes and indirect taxes. Direct taxes are paid on income and wealth, while indirect taxes are … Read more

Romania – Self-Employment

Breakdown of how self-employment works for expats in Romania Self-employment is possible for expats in Romania, but there are several legal requirements that must be met. As a self-employed person in Romania, you will need to register with the National Trade Register Office and obtain a fiscal identification number. Detailed step-by-step guide on how an … Read more

Romania – Retail and Consumer Issues

Romania is a country located in Southeast Europe, with a growing retail industry. In this article, we will discuss the typical opening hours of shops, forms of payment accepted, major supermarkets, online shopping popularity, expat-specific shops, and consumer rights in Romania. Typical opening hours of shops in Romania and forms of payment accepted Most shops … Read more

Romania – Residency

Types of Residency in Romania Romania is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe, with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of natural beauty. If you are considering moving to Romania, one of the first things you will need to think about is obtaining residency status. There are several different types of residency available, each … Read more

Romania – Property Rental Prices

Typical Rental Prices in Expat-Friendly Areas of Romania Romania is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expatriates, offering a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and affordable living costs. The rental market in Romania varies by region and city, with some areas being particularly attractive to expats due to their amenities and opportunities. Here’s a breakdown … Read more

Romania – Rail Travel

Romania is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe, and one of the most popular ways to travel around the country is by rail. In this article, we will focus on rail travel in Romania. The Overall Standard of Buses in Romania The overall standard of buses in Romania is good. Buses are a popular mode … Read more

Romania – Property Taxes

Taxes and fees are an important aspect to consider when purchasing or selling a house in Romania. The following is an overview of the taxes and fees typically involved in the process. Property Tax -The property tax in Romania is levied annually on the value of the property, and is calculated as a percentage of … Read more

Romania – Property Letting

Understanding the Letting Process in Romania Letting a property in Romania involves a series of steps and considerations, including generating rental income, adhering to rules and regulations, drafting rental contracts, determining rental rates, managing furnishings, engaging real estate agents, handling security deposits, performing property maintenance, cleaning, and understanding the requirements for obtaining a property letting … Read more